Our Mission: Redefining Indian Education

The Indian educational system is a rat-race overdue for an overhaul. Let’s make some changes.
Let’s start young, with kids still in school, because college is way too late.
Let’s give kids a chance to build, for fun, for themselves.

What are you doing this vacation

From Computer games, Android apps, electronic music, animations, movies, motion graphics, web apps, digital art — take your pick.

So, what are you going to build this vacation?

Drone follows a banana — Computer Vision (Trailer)

Have you ever thought that a banana can control a Drone? Check out our video and learn how to program drones to fly up, down, left and right by following household veggies and fruits (bananas, tomatoes, cabbage, and more.)

Anshul Bhagi, from Camp K12 shows you how to make a drone follow fruits and veggies using Computer Vision.

Streets of India — Android Game Trailer

You’ve always wanted to be a Bollywood hero, running the streets of India and fighting off villains with your slingshot. Now’s your chance to experience a game with an Indian tadka. Coming soon in the smartphones near you.

Brought to you by the designers, game developers, and animators of Camp K-12.

What happens when IIT students teach

We hand-picked a few passionate makers and doers from 5 IITs (Delhi, Bombay, Kanpur, Madras, Kharagpur) and tasked them with teaching creative technologies to school kids across the nation.


Every year, Camp K12 gives India’s youngest innovators (grades KG – 12th) a chance to ideate and create through a nation-wide online technology competition. Camp K12 gives students a chance to put their creative ideas and skills to use by participating in our competition. The 2015 competition was supported by Adobe India, and attracted entries from hundreds of schools across the nation.

Check out this cool video.

3 Day Startup Boot Camp

Can you build a company in 3 days? These kids did it together and built Android apps and companies of their own during Camp K12’s “3-Day Startup” event.

The students came from disparate backgrounds and proved that regardless of language and socioeconomic status, one can build organizations or create products to solve real-world problems.

Have a superb idea? Get it noticed!