Principal Testimonials

Our experience with Camp K12 has been a very positive one. They offer a unique blend of hands-on education and fun for the campers, and their bright and young instructors are able to connect with our students in ways that few others can. Through just a single 40 hour course, Camp K-12 shared with our students the exciting process of creative creation and transformed them into dedicated innovators.

Mr. Sathish JayarajanPrincipal, Mallya Aditi International School

Camp K12 ignited the minds of our students, creating in them eagerness to learn and the curiosity to try a variety of approaches. From creating an animation movie to designing one’s own website, students learnt effective ways to use the Internet with responsibility. There was a quantitative leap in the realization that far from being a mere medium of social interaction, the Internet and digitization were tools for the imagination and creativity.

Mrs. Meera IsaacsPrincipal, The Cathedral and John Connon School

The students who enrolled for Camp K12 have benefited immensely from the multimedia and Java programming. It is liberating to be able to design and execute an idea. Students are aggressively waiting to apply their skills in top competitive events. We are eagerly waiting for the next phase of the course.

Mrs. Amita MishraPrincipal, DPS International, Saket

Camp K12 offers a unique blend of technical, creative and expressive learning experiences which inspire and delight students. The camp has provided our students with a boost of confidence in their own abilities and a launching pad for further exploration of the endless potentialities of technology and creativity.

Mr. Matthew SullivanFormer Principal, The International School of Bangalore

Student Testimonials

40 hrs and Game was a dream come true at Camp K12

Saket VenkateshThe Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai

I started picturing everything from a game programmer’s POV. Its incredible! The teachers were great! Why play games when you can make them!

Aahan BotadkarThe Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai

This course taught me to be innovative and I was guided by some excellent teachers. It was very useful and is surely going to help me in my school projects.

Akshita NathaniThe Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai

I was until today confused about what to do in life. Now, after attending Camp K12 course, I am inspired to make games and other creative work. Also my instructor was a great source of Inspiration.

Tanuj BhitochaMallya Aditi International School, Bangalore

Java Programming was new to me and honestly something I was not keen on learning, but my days at Camp K12 completely changed my mind. Camp K12 ability to combine teaching, public speaking and Fun is so different, so unique

Arjun MalhotraMallya Aditi International School, Bangalore

Camp K12 was one of the best experiences of my life so far. The material taught by them is relevant and unique at the same time

Kush AgarwalDPS RK Puram, Delhi

From Kindergarten to the 12th grade, being a genius is easy... Camp K12 is at your aid!

Dhruv AroraDPS RK Puram, Delhi

It was simply AWESOME!!!

Soumya PillaiShri Ram School, Gurgaon

Out of all the courses I have taken in my life, I had most fun in Camp K12.

UdyatShri Ram School, Gurgaon

I loved Camp K12, I wish it continues everyday for at least one hour, so that we can be King of Creativity

Meher ChawlaPathways World School, Noida

It was worth waking up in the morning.

Tushar MahajanPathways World School, Noida

I loved the diversity of the apps we made, that too in just a week.

Vyoam AshokPathways World School, Gurgaon

I loved my Camp K12 session, it was perhaps the best part of this year. Believe me when I say this, no one could be better.

Devesh DayalDPS International,Saket, Delhi

Best course ever attended in delhi, and possibly the WORLD!

Ashutosh TripathiDPS International,Saket, Delhi

Camp K12, Rocks!!! My most awesome summer in the last 14 years. I’m coming back to V D – 2 and many other courses as long as I’m in here. The knowledge will help me through my whole life.

Karan PrakashDPS Mathura Road, Delhi

I’m able to give a best shot to my life by commercializing my creations, thanks to K12 for lifting me up.

Hasan KamalDPS Mathura Road, Delhi

We learned how to make Android apps but also about teamwork and how to co-create with each other.

Aadit Mehrotra Campion School, Mumbai

Camp K12 was one of the most fun and exciting course I have ever done

Shubanay Srivastava Campion School, Mumbai

It was my dream to make games for a living, and Camp K12 has brought me about 5 steps closer to this dream.

Akshay Dhansoia R.N. Podar School, Mumbai

The course was worthwhile and I’d do it again if possible.

Aviraj NewataiThe British School, New Delhi

Loved the informal atmosphere and the efficiency of the instructor.

Samay Gupta The Heritage School, Gurgaon

This was really a nice experience. A must try for all “GAMERS” of my age.

GaurangKothari International School, Noida