What it is

A paid Fellowship program in which you develop, design, and teach the latest technologies to K-12 students in a topic of your interest and expertise. Fellowships are available for Summers, Winters, and on a part-time basis throughout the year.

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How it works

  1. Pick a technology area (iPhone, Android, Java, Music, Web, Design, Animation, etc.) that you are passionate about and have prior experience in, and apply to be a Camp K12 Technology Leader for that area using the form below. If you are interested in more than one area, submit multiple applications, one for each.
  2. Learn that technology and build projects for it, under our guidance.
  3. We match you with a school in Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore, based on your location preferences and on the needs of our schools.
  4. You lead a 1 - 8 week "camp" where you teach this technology to K-12 students

Who we are looking for

1st - 3rd Year College Students

Employers often exclude the early years from internships. At Camp K12, we see things differently. 1st - 3rd years, you are welcome at Camp K12. We love your energy.

Makers and Doers

We don't hire based on age, grades, or what you're studying. We're interested in people with a genuine passion for building things that extends beyond the classroom.

Future Leaders and Founders

Our Fellowship program is for students that want a job that develops their overall personality rather than simply put them behind a computer. We're looking for aspiring startup founders and CEOs.

Testimonials from our Fellows

My time with Camp K12 has been very fruitful. Here, you are provided with an opportunity to showcase your leadership skills along with mentoring some of the brightest school students in the country. Overall, it was a learning experience, and I can proudly say that my stint at Camp K12 has made me grow as a leader and as an individual.

Rounaq BasuIIT Bombay

Camp K12 has changed my life…the 3 years I had with this company changed the way I look at things. What all I have learnt is precious and I could never be more grateful than I am. My students were amazing, I had a wonderful time with them and we all learned a lot. I enjoyed the challenges I faced and I enjoyed tackling them. A BIG thank you to Camp K12!

Tanya KanodiaDelhi College of Engineering

Being a part of Camp K12 is a multi-dimensional experience. Being exposed to technology and leadership at the same time instills a tremendous amount of confidence and a deep sense of personal responsibility. The work culture and employee experience at Camp K12 is pleasant and helping young minds innovate and create is a delighful feeling.

Amit KumarIIT Delhi

Camp K12 incited the entrepreneurial bug in me and motivated me to start my own venture. Anyone wanting to develop leadership, communication skills and initiative must work for Camp K12.

Gautam Prem JainIIT Delhi

I am thankful to Camp K12 for giving me opportunity to lead, improve, and learn. Their organization, discipline, good reputation they hold amongst their schools, and their fun-loving side impressed me.

Arnav Puri GoswamiIIT Bombay

The program was a refreshing experience. It was my first time working with young students, and helped me understand aspects of our Educational system I had previously ignored or taken for granted.

Arpit SinghIIT Delhi

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