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Vipul Sharma: Game Developer & Coder


City: Jamshedpur
School: Loyola School
Portfolio: His personal websiteGitHub

Camp K12 proudly announces it’s student of the week, Vipul Sharma, a student of Loyola Public School, Jamshedpur. Vipul wants to combine creativity with technology, transforming it into something unique. He says,  “I am interested in the field of open source, Android Development and Web Designing.”

He has been making apps and websites and  participated in over 100 competitions across the globe. He has won platinum award on World Math Day by UNICEF. This year he is going to represent his city at nation wide competition, Quanta for Web Designing.

He’s maintaining a cool profile on his website and GitHub.

His interest in computers began through gaming.

“When I was four years old, I used to play flash and mini clip games like any other kid. But the part that made me different was the thought , why games usually come in folders ? For instance take  a game like CS 1.6, it will come in a folder, so I thought why do we need to have files when I have to open only one file. So what I did, I deleted all the files except the game file and end up crying to my mom that my game doesn’t play and blame it on the computer. This was the starting of my journey with computers when i questioned the need to have so many files on system for a single game”, he said.

Soon he found out how websites were built using HTML, CSS and JAVA. This was the beginning of his inclination towards technology.

He built his first professional game at the age 16.

He’s working on an app that allows users to order coffee from nearby stores.

“The idea came to me when one day my dad said he had so much work, he couldn’t have a coffee. Since I like open source, I’ve kept all my code on Github. It’s in progress.” He said.

Features include daily reminders where user can automate the coffee ordering for regular orders at user’s preferred time. If the user wants to order a coffee of different flavor for a set of days, one can and even cancel the order within 5 minutes. The app will increase productivity and make life at workplaces more convenient and at the same time taking care of customer’s choice.

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Vipul was recognized as a finalist in the international competition of Google Code in 2014

Vipul says, “It was a great learning experience and it increased my love for open source even more. We worked with open source organisations, each of them provide a list of tasks to be completed. Tasks could be anything an organisation needs help with, from bug fixes, to writing code, to user experience research, to writing documentation.”

Screen Shot 1937-05-07 at 9.22.36 pm-22

Vipul is contributing towards EDEN, a disaster-helping, python-based platform. 

Sahana Eden is an Emergency Development Environment – an Open Source framework to rapidly build powerful applications for Emergency Management. Vipul has been working as a developer at Sahana.

16 year old Vipul is teaching students programming.

Vipul is a proud volunteer at Code to Conquer. He says, “I’m helping to start a chapter in my city. Through Code to Conquer, I hope to provide computer science education to young children who don’t have access to quality computer science and don’t know much about programming.”

He’s teaching students Python, web designing and other programming languages via presentations.

Vipul is into quizzing and astronomy.

He will be representing his city at TCS IT Wiz Quiz this year. “Astronomy, mainly astrophysics, interests me a lot. The fact about black holes, singularity and dark matter help me go way beyond”, he says.

Vipul has been declared as the director in the Astronomy Club of Loyola School. He maintains the website as well. Have a look.


What are his future plans?

Vipul is passionate in the area of web design and android. He aspires to be an open source developer at Google. He wants to visit Google HQ, CA. He’s preparing for the WWDC 15 Apple’s App Challenge. Vipul has been preparing for SAT and wants to pursue higher education from MIT.

“I love to dream big and never stop.” he says.

He finds Camp K12 cool.

He says, “They always come up with interesting projects for students featuring cool tech topics, such as the virtual drone one recently. It nice that it acts as a stage for kids to participate in competitions  that will help them make themselves stand where they want to be. Like an 8 year old kid programs drone to make it fly, spin and jump.”

Camp K12 is proud of this young champ and wishes him all the best.

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