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Tanush Jain: Encounter with a 15 year old Tech enthusiast


School: DPS International, Saket,

City: Delhi,

Portfolio: YouTube

Camp K12 proudly announces its student of the week, Tanush Jain, a class 10th student of DPS International School. This 15 year old young kid has his own YouTube tech channel, “Tanush Tech Talks”, which he uses as a medium to talk about and review various tech devices and applications. His channel can pique your tech minds curiosity to another level and keep you up to date with the latest technologies.

Let’s find out more about  this young tech enthusiast.

How we discovered the student?

Tanush participated in Camp K12’s Graphic Design Competition, organized in collaboration with Adobe, and his talent and in depth knowledge of the software bagged him the award for the ‘Most out of the Box Design’.


Tanush with the award for “Most out of the box design” in Graphic designing.

How Tanush became a Tech lover.

He loves gadgets and it was one of the contributing factor, which got him interested in computers and technology. He always had a spark of curiosity as to how he can make the most of it. He is a unique combo of tech savviness and smartness which often made him being referred to as the Tech freak in his school. Tanush has been an active part of his school’s IT Club and has produced various videos for his school. His enthusiasm and love for technology made him win many accolades and start his very cool YouTube tech channel.

He talks about his YouTube channel ‘Tanush Tech Talks


Tanush uses his YouTube channel, Tanush Tech Talks, as a medium to talk about and review various devices and applications. His passion for technology led him to the creation of his YouTube channel, which first started with a basic tutorial for iPhone users. Since then he has produced several videos talking about different aspects of Smartphones and Software’s. It has over 60,000 views. He says, ”I used to regularly watch videos relating to technology and it once clicked me that why not start my own YouTube channel as I loved to talk about Tech in general. My passion for technology led me to the creation of my YouTube channel.”

He wishes to inform his viewers about the various aspects of Technology (Mobile and Software) and hope to spread his knowledge with a vast audience.

“Failure is success if we learn from it”

Tanush is inspired by failures and not success stories. He is inspired by great men who with their efforts, practice and failures made it big. He says, “More than success stories, it’s the failures which helped me understand how important is it to not quit and keep on pursuing that idea to that level that it turns out to be a huge success”. He draws inspiration from Thomas Alva Edison, Alan Turing, Stephen Hawking and one of the books that have inspired him is the Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen.

His achievements

  • He have been a finalist in the CMS COFAS Quiz conducted in Lucknow.
  • One of his greatest achievements was when he had the privilege to discover a Near Earth Object. The observation was confirmed as he was a part of an asteroid search campaign, which was run and managed by the International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC/Isaac). The program was run by the IASC,  in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics and Astronomy at the Holland School of Science and Mathematics in Hardin-Simmons University.
  • In Apeejay school’s FORCE fest he got first prize in Movie Making.
  • In Mother international school’s IT fest MINET he bagged second place in Movie Making.

His future plans.

He is currently working on an important application and he hopes to further develop on his ideas so that he can contribute to the society with his knowledge about Technology. This app idea will work towards the betterment of the society and may solve some of the problems facing the world today.

What does he say about Camp K-12?

Tanush believes that starting young is the most important aspect which Camp K-12 aims to foster among young techies. Having your goals clear at a young age will help you to work towards them efficiently. He says, “The courses and student projects launched by CampK12 are fantastic in recognizing the potential of students and it also offers a great medium for students to showcase their talents.”

Kudos to his spirit, we wish him all the success in future.


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