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Siddharth Sethi : A Professional Musician

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City: Delhi

School: Springdales School, Pusa Road

Portfolio: Reverbnation, Sunburn

Camp K12 is proud to announce our student of the week, Siddharth Sethi, a 12th class student of Springdales School, who is a passionate musician and has been composing music from an early age. His music is soulful yet connects with people of this generation. There’s nothing he loves more than drumming on his favourite song.

Siddharth playing drums

Inspite of being a busy 12th grader, he seeks out freelance performance opportunities in DJing. In addition to DJing, he can play many instruments like drums, bass guitar, piano and mouth organ, which he has mastered over the years. Siddharth confesses that Drums is his favorite of the four instruments he plays. Following his passion which is Music, he decided long ago that he wanted to commit to the rock and roll life. He  is inspired by many artists like Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Gareth Emery, Dualist Inquiry and Nucleya to name a few.

Tell us about your interest in Computers and Technology?

He always found technology fascinating. He says, “I really find it interesting the way it’s been bringing the world closer. From 7 continents and 195 countries to 1 big global village.” Along with following his interest in music he also found Animation and Graphic Designing really interesting. He is also trained in Adobe Photoshop. It’s his enthusiasm for technology that helped him compose great music. The most popular genres of music among the youth these days like Electronic Dance Music, Techno and Dubstep cannot be composed without laptops and synthesizers. Thus, a musician’s first friend is the technology and helps to innovate and integrate.

He fell in love with music at the age of 7

It started as a hobby but his love and passion for music drove him to learn more. He started his journey with playing piano and at an early age of 12 he gave his first exam in Western Classical Music at Trinity College of Music, London. To enhance his sense of beats, he started learning drums at the age of 14, and passed the exam for a Diploma Course in Jazz Drums from the Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya, New Delhi. After this, he joined the Delhi School of Music (DSM). Seeing his past knowledge in drumming, he was directly put into Grade 4 of Rock & Pop drumming which he passed with flying colors. Afterwards he also learned bass guitar and mouth organ. At the age of 16, he decided to start DJing and that is when his interest in technology and computers came in handy. Being well versed in playing so many instruments, he learnt the skill of DJing really fast.

He feels that his enthusiasm and love for technology has really helped him to portray his ideas and thoughts in a better way.

He feels music and performing arts education should be an essential part of everyone’s life

He feels music and performing arts education system is far lagging behind in our country currently. There is no course offered by any school or university that is in accordance with the work that is being done in the music and performing arts industry. He said, “I feel that there should be courses related to music and Djing. We now have such advancement in technology and if Indian musicians are provided and taught with the help of this technology, then I’m sure that we would become the best in this field as well.” He feels if children are not introduced to music at an early age, something fundamental is actually taken away from them.

 His views on starting young

Music develops analytical thinking, because it requires students to be creative. They don’t just regurgitate memorized facts but they have to apply those facts. They become disciplined, gentler and more reasonable. He says,” Starting young in technology is a great idea according to me. It makes a child smarter and it really helps in shaping and portraying our thoughts and ideas.”

 He has some commendable achievements

  • He has Diploma in 3 genres of music in 2 different instruments (Jazz and Rock in Drums, and Western Classical Music in Piano) from Trinity college of Music, London.  IMG_20140504_211553-compressed
  • He is also a certified DJ and have performed at Vh1 Supersonic events where he has opened the stage for artists like Nucleya and AceAxe.  IMG_20140803_004725-compressed
  • He was also a scholarship student at the Delhi School of Music, Chanakyapuri.
  • As per (A website for aspiring musicians) he is currently at rank 3 in Delhi and at rank 23 in India in the genre of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). reverb siddahnth

His professional goals for the future

He says, “I plan to become a full time DJ/Producer after I finish with my school and open my own music academy.” He wants to branch out into more aspects of music and other arts. He also wishes to make his own website for music lovers and make a difference in people’s lives. He feels talent, persistence and entrepreneurial drive are required to build a career in music and he will strive hard to achieve that as the true beauty of music is that it connects people, it carries a message and he dreams to be the messenger as a musician.

What he feels about Camp K12?

He feels Camp K12 is doing a brilliant job for the kids of our country. He loved the idea of teaching Electronic music to young school students as it will help to increase the importance of Music and the importance of starting young. He says, “Music field is not given much attention and recognition, with the help of this course students will be able to explore this field and find out their passion from a young age as I did”.

Camp k12 wishes him all the success!!

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