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Shanaya Irani: A budding Star in Technology

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City: Maharashtra

School: Cathedral and John Connon

Camp K-12 proudly announces its student of the week, Shanaya Irani a class 6th student of Cathedral and John Connon School. This young tech girl is not only an ace designer but is also a national level athletics champion. A conscientious girl and a diligent multitasker. She is an inspiration for many other young girls. She’s clearly a young achiever, but Shanaya is quick to insist that she is “just an inquisitive girl who is eager to learn technology”. This genius girl is highly inspired by Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

Computer is her best friend.

Her parents introduced her to computers when she was as young as 2 years old or even earlier. However, she commenced learning computer science in second grade by her teacher, who guided her through difficulties. Although she learnt the basics in second grade, she believes camp K-12 was pivotal in making computer technology come alive beyond mindless numbers, letters and emoji embossed on the screen.

She got interested in computer technology during fourth grade. When she started making power point presentations and was introduced to the basics of Photoshop. She says,” I realized that I could expand my talent in technology to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs”.

Her experience at Camp K-12

Shanaya was a part of Graphic designing, Computer Animation and Android app development course at Camp K-12. Showing her quick learning skills, she managed to reach to higher levels in designing and honed her skills during the camps. Energetic Shanaya proudly tells us, “Using the pen tool, I created a minion from the 9 strands of hair to the sparkling brown shoes. I was taught that using a standard color like a vibrant scarlet is too bright for the viewer. I learnt how to think out of the box, such as pasting Katy Perry’s (singer) head on Homer Simpson’s (cartoon character) body. I created a poster also about global warming on Photoshop”. She also made a few basic apps like T Memo (Notepad), Brick breaker and Chess in the Android App making course.

Have a look at some of her work

minion-drawing  mirror-postertaylor

 Top achievements:

  • She is Maharashtra’s State level Athletics Sprinting Champion and a record holder.


  •  She is a trained Ballet dancer in Royal School of London and has achieved top-notch grade while performing many live performances.


  • In Trinity School of London she has got top-notch scores in speech and drama.

She scored highest marks in her class for a project on “Global Warming” and she continues to get high scores in her school in computers. She is also a keen Artist and represented school in inter-school drawing competitions.

 Her future plans

She plans to become The President of America as she thinks he is the most powerful man on earth. She says, “In order to achieve the same, I shall have to think out of the box and make a machine or object that will be more vital  to people’s lives ”.

What she feels about Camp K-12?

She says, “My experience at Camp K-12 was absolutely incredible. The instructors there, as the term implies, instructed us without a hint of boredom or tiredness in their actions or voices. It was fun attending camps and learning so much. Camp K-12 has given me a keen insight into the world of computers. I will definitely be thankful to Camp K -12, I may be the next Steve Jobs”!

Camp K-12 is glad to have her and wishes her all the success in future


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