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Sana Gujral: Inspiring Women In Technology

Sana Gujral

City– Delhi
School– DPS R.K. Puram
PortfolioPlaystore, Youtube

Camp K12 is proud to announce the Student of the Week, Sana Gujral, a student of DPS R.K. Puram.

Sana combines her creativity with technology to bring her unique app ideas alive. Sana feels that she can inspire various girls into technology and wants women to continue to fuel science and technology in India. She has won several competitions for Web Design and app development. Sana has  even qualified for the Zonal Informatics Olympiad organised by Indian Association for research in Computer Science.

Let’s say hello to Sana!

How she got interested in computers?

As a child, Sana was just intrigued by how a computer works. She says, “I have always been a good student, but my parents always encouraged me to develop a broader skill set. This enabled me to indulge in all sorts of activities including adventure sports like rappelling, parasailing, etc. I started learning to play the guitar from the age of seven. It was only after grade 7 that I became more inclined, academically and I realized my passion for math and computer science.”

Sana is a passionate tech innovator. She feels that technology enables creativity and can help her convert ideas into reality.

Sana talks about her unique app IQuizical, built at age 16.

IQuizical is an app created with the objective to help people enhance their note recognition or ear training skills. She says,”The idea of this app came to me because of the problems I faced before my guitar exams. Ear training is an essential part and I would have to have a person playing the note for me and so I was dependent.”

Then it struck her why not create an app where one can practice music skills at any time, any where, independently. So she designed this convenient quiz app, IQuizical.

Iquizzical App

She has also given a TEDx talk on “Empowering Women in India through Computer Science.”

Sana aspires to flip the gender roles in Science and Technology in India. She says,”Girls are equally or perhaps more brilliant than boys. It’s just the shackles of society which restrain us from moving forward. With a supportive family and a progressive society, I see a future where women will be ruling the tech world. ”

She has commendable achievements in technology projects.

Sana has won the Delhi Digilogous fest for app Sleep Smart, pitching and presenting.
She has also  won at Tech Fest 2014 with her unique research projects on “Minimizing travel cost and increasing your work time and efficiency” and  “How Mathematics will evolve after the Introduction of Quantum Computing.”

As if that’s not already impressive enough, Sana also happens to be judged as the best presenter by a panel of three senior  Mathematics professors of IIT Delhi, when she presented on Quantum Computing.

Her story has also been featured on Ignite, the global fund for women.

Sana thinks that technology and women empowerment have a strong link and using technology one can bridge the gender gap and break the shackles that bind women in today’s society. Sana has got recognition for this and currently working with her school’s computer club, Exun, on getting more participation from girls in computer science.



What’s next?

Sana is fascinated by Google’s highly open and creative work environment and someday she would love to replicate this model through her own entrepreneurial contributions and technological innovations.
She says, “After my studies, I want to use my knowledge and skills to empower women and also to use technology in the field of Artificial Intelligence and develop the next generation of robots.”

What does she feel about Camp K12?

She says, “Camp K-12 is a great initiative to engage kids of all ages into technology and I am really inspired by you all to actually get it up to such a big scale. I wish to contribute and make it bigger and better! ”

Thumbs up Sana. All the best girl!


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