Student Of The Week

Namanyay Goel: An expert designer and developer.


City: Delhi,
School:  D.P.S Vasant Kunj,
Portfolio: personal website, Github

Camp K-12 proudly announces the student of the week, Namanyay Goel, a student of DPS Vasant Kunj.  This young man, a class 12th student, is an active freelancer since an early age of 13. He has worked as a Designer and Web developer for a no. of companies like Asianfanfics, MakeUseOf, AllTeamz.

This young man’s income, puts him in the highest bracket of Income tax. That just goes to show us that, even small ideas can turn into relatively big paydays and successes. His hard work and conviction is an inspiration for million others. He is inspired by doers, those who never give up and have the audacity to do crazy things that others can’t think of at that age. He draws inspiration from Nikola Tesla, Elon Musk, and Larry Page.

Wondering, how he does it? Let’s gorge on Namanyay’s story:

How he got interested in technology?

He fell in love with the computer at first sight. He says, “My mother taught me how to use the mouse when I was 3, and a few years later, introduced me to the internet”. He learnt how to draw his initial ‘N’ in AutoCAD in that year. He never stopped learning since. His vast knowledge and his passion for learning was the driving force henceforth. He has always been interested in web development and web technologies, especially JavaScript and web design. He also started making apps at a very young age.

Namanyay talks about his simple to do list app called, Karya:

The concept of Karya is simple – It’s a  productivity to do list app for the 3 most important tasks one has to complete (1 big thing and 2 smaller things). The focus is to keep the number of to do items low, so a person focuses on prioritizing instead of needless multitasking. He is currently working on an authentication system with back end to sync items across devices.


Karya was developed with the idea that, trying to do many different things in one day often results in failure. It is better to have a few things to focus on and do those well, rather than doing a lot of things poorly and hence you can easily increase your productivity.

Afraid of Maths and Physics? He has an app for you.

His app Dekh, is a collection of Physics and Maths visualizations which helps to explain difficult concepts intuitively. He made two projects:


dekh equipot

As  supplementing theoretic knowledge with intuitive explanations allows better understanding and retention. His goal was to combine programming and math to gain a deeper understanding of the subject himself and to benefit others with the resulting visualizations as well.

“Say no to procrastination”.

Namanyay is currently working on an app that aims to lower procrastination. This easy to use app asks the users  about the tasks that they have completed, rating their happiness and fulfillment on a scale of 1 to 5. This app aims at improving the work output and at the same time motivating the user to work more and be more productive.

He’s also working on a home-automation project where anybody can control the lights and fan in their rooms using voice-controlled systems made from an Android phone and the Arduino.

He is a major contributor to FOSSASSIA.

FOSSASIA is the top Free and Open Source technology event in Asia for developers, start-ups, and contributors. Projects at FOSSASIA range from open hardware, to design, graphics and software.

His very first project with FOSSASSIA was their website. He says, “I started off the design and development which was soon converted to a community project with the involvement of everyone”. The code is visible at He has created a few web frameworks to enable better web design, has made multiple JavaScript apps working with FOSSASIA. Most of the work on this website was done by him (over 130 commits, changing over 17000 lines of code).

 Top three accomplishments:

1.Winning Google Code-in 2014 -he won the grand prize with the organization FOSSASIA. The grand prize was a fully sponsored trip to California and Google Headquarters.


2. Finalist in International Space Settlement Design Competition – Won the Asian Regionals for Space Settlement Design Competition (ARSSDC) and went on to become the international finalists. Won the Dick Edwards Award for Exceptional Leadership there.


3. Hosted HackIndia, India’s largest hackathon.

His future plans in the field of technology:

He says, “My target is to work on artificial intelligence and machine learning next. My goal is to make computers think”. He plans to work more on different apps and build a startup of his own.

His message for our young kids is, “Develop a passion for learning, if you do, you will never cease to grow”.

What does he feel about Camp K-12?

He says, “Camp K-12 is an excellent initiative that both teaches and allows students to showcase their talent. The workshops organized by Camp K-12 are extensive in their teaching, and the trips and competitions nurture a healthy spirit for technology. I am a part of the computer club of my school and the interest generated due to Camp K-12’s workshops and competitions is phenomenal. Being a part of Camp K-12 has been immensely rewarding and has allowed me to meet intelligent people from all over India. I think Camp K-12 is fostering much-needed interest in the field of technology”.

Camp K-12 is proud of him and wishes him all the success in the future.

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