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Moeen Shaw: A young mind with visionary ideas!

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City: Delhi

School: DPS International, Saket

Portfolio: personal website

Camp K-12 proudly announces its student of the week Moeen Shaw, a class 10th student of DPS International School. Moeen has not only stepped into entrepreneurship at this young age but has shown that he is a true lover of technology. Moeen is well trained in Photoshop, Video editing, web development and is also a cricket champ. Being a fan of Facebook, Moeen was able to turn his passion for social media into his own entrepreneurial venture.  He is extremely interested in social media’s role in our society as well as how it is currently evolving.

His inspiration is Thomas Alva Edison not because of how important his creation was, but because of how he was never bogged down by failure. He says,” He is my inspiration because he has taught me that no matter how many times you fail, failure is just a learning step, one must learn to improve and continue without the fear of failure.”

His encounter with computer and technology

His inquisitive mind and passion for computers developed when he was just seven years old. He got to know about computers from his school. Like every child of his age he was more interested in playing games on computers. Knowing about his interest, his father gifted him a computer. From that day onwards Moeen has been keen in learning more about computers. Moeen like to learn new things on his own using trial and error method, be it learning a new language or coding. He says,”I got interested in Computers while trying to fix one when I was in 3rd standard, at first I was only interested in the making of computers, but soon my interest grew for technology and I began to research about technology whenever I got free time. I learned about the different features in computer and using new software’s . Attending camps of Camp K-12 was a great help in learning how to use many new software’s easily.”

His website is inspired by Facebook.

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Inspired from various social networking platforms specifically Facebook, he created a website which he claims to be a mini Facebook. He says, “The idea occurred to me when I was helping my dad in making his website and he suggested that I should make my own website too, which was the major inspiration to create my website.” He has attended camps of Camp K-12 where he enrolled in many courses like web designing, graphic designing and movie making. He used Dreamweaver for creating his website, he learned how to use this software in the camps conducted by Camp K-12 and with the help of this knowledge he was able to do most of the coding and graphics work, whereas he created animations with the help of his Uncle. He says, “The purpose behind my idea was to create a website which is a mix of blog and Facebook, where one can play games, post statuses, chat with others and much more”. He plans to use his website as a medium to communicate with others, keep them updated and raise awareness on important issues of the society. In spite of being a busy 10th grader he makes changes and updates his website regularly. His website currently has 45 members.


Are you a sports enthusiast, then go check out his YouTube channel.

moeen youtube

Moeen also manages a YouTube account under his name where he publish Sports videos. He has recently been associated with KCI Uniworld Travel agency and created a video by the name “Kashmir: A beauty” which shall be previewed at the Maharashtra International Travel Mart from 28 September- 30 September 2015. Moeen is currently developing a game called “Flappy Rocket’ for iOS devices inspired by the game “Flappy Bird“, made by one of the Camp K-12’s student. The player has to dodge alien spaceships and safely land on space stations.

His top achievements.

  • He won the Camp K12 most thoughtful poster award in Graphics Designing contest 
  • He was placed 2nd in Intra-school IT Day Graphics Designing 2013.
  • He was placed 3rd in Intra-school IT Day Web Designing 2013

Apart from spending time in learning about Computers and coding,  Moeen also loves to  play cricket. He is now in the under 14 criclet team and aspires to be a cricketer along with following his passion for technology.

Experience the magic of Technology by starting young.

He feels, It’s extremely important for one to start young in Technology. The earlier you start the better it is because by the time people will be learning how to start a software you will already know how to use it. Starting young in technology gives you the experience before hand and then you have ample time to develop your skills.

His future plans

He plans to develop more apps for iOS and Android, and also expand and improve his website. He also want to use his YouTube channel for spreading information on many more topics along with sports. His plan is to help in bringing technology in the field of sports. He says, “Till date one can’t say that the technology used in sports is 100% reliable, there are programming errors, glitches and many other problems. There are several debates over the technology used in sports. I would like to improve the technology to make sure that a team or player receives what they deserve and shouldn’t feel cheated.”

His views on Camp K-12

He believes Camp K-12 is a very useful and important initiative for all those who wish to explore the world of technology and computers. The most amazing part are the various courses offered to students to choose from according to their interest and level of understanding. He says, “I would advise anyone interested in computer and technology to attend camps conducted by Camp K-12 as they are extremely informative and a fun way of learning.”

Camp K-12 wishes him all the success and a bright future ahead!

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