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Mann Aswal : A bright young Youtuber

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City: Delhi

School: DPS International, Gurgaon

Portfolio: YouTube

Camp K12 is proud to announce our student of the week Mann Aswal, a seventh class student of DPS International School. This young innovator does not only have his own successful YouTube channel but he also happens to be a pro at solving Rubik’s cube. His curiosity inspired him to explore the field of science and technology.

In today’s world there is a huge increase in interest from businesses when it comes to YouTube. And this young techie is already up for it .Inspired by a popular YouTube channel Crazy Russian Hackers, he started his channel TechHD which initially had videos on science experiments done by him but recently his channel has become a popular tech channel. He is just twelve years old and has already found what he is passionate about and is an inspiration for million others.

How he got interested in Computers and Technology

It all started with his curiosity towards a RC car with which he was playing when he was 6 years old. He says,” I was researching about my RC car for fun and I found a motor although I had no idea what it was or how it works, I got out the battery and I saw 2 wires coming out from the motor.  Perhaps out of curiosity I tried to connect them and it worked, I was amazed with the idea of how it worked.”

This interesting incident left a deep impression in his mind and led to the origin of his interest in science and technology, it was when he wanted to learn and know more about how science and technology works around us.

Looking for fun science experiments? Check out his YouTube channel TechHD

 His channel started with cool science experiments carried out by him. Inspired by the popular YouTube channel CrazyRussianHacker, where you can find videos on crazy science experiments. Mann makes simple and awesome videos that gives hours of fun. You can find some amazing science experiments and Life hacks which can make your way of living and doing task easier. As his channel developed he got fascinated towards technology and got to know about it more by doing research and spending hours on computers. He says,” I later on also started making videos related to technology based on a product’s analysis and unboxing”. His videos are based on his personal research about the product.

Have a look at his most watched videos:

mann videos

He wanted to use his channel to give knowledge to people about latest technology and keep them up-to-date with the latest trends and keep doing these cool science experiments and life hacks to make his channel entertaining and fun.

He considers the success of his channel as his biggest achievement.

 Mann was proud to tell how amazing his channel is going and his videos were able to get around 17000 views and 80 subscribers. It will be worthwhile to point out that at the age when kids spend time on computer just to play games, this young champ has already started to earn through his channel. He is also a Rubik’s cube champ and can solve it in about 15 seconds, isn’t that cool?

His most viewed video has over 7000 views and it is a science experiment video where he did an experiment with a CD and he also used to do a fire experiments as you can see in the picture below.

fire mann CD


His most famous video in the field of technology was his first tech video where he did an Unboxing and Review of his new MacBook.



His views on starting young in technology

He says, “Starting young with technology in life is actually very simple we just need to have passion for it and once you see this intelligent world of tech, anyone will want to know more about this world. I started with technology when I had no idea what it even was, but, when I watched a video about technology I came to know that how powerful this field is, and so this made me start my channel.”

His future plans

“I am planning to be a designer in technology and want to design computer, displays, CPUs, Processors and much more”, he says. He wants to use his creativity and passion for technology to build new things. He feels technology has changed the way he thought about the world, now he thinks more globally and believes that some of the things that are impossible will become possible with the help of technology.

He loves what he does and shows us that determination is the key to motivation, but its determination and commitment to an unstoppable pursuit of your goal, that will enable you to attain the success you seek.

Camp K12 wishes him bright future ahead!!

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