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Diva Sharma: An inspiring girl with a beautiful purpose

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City: Diva Sharma

School: GD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj

Portfolio: Facebook, Hindu, Times of India, The Better India

Camp K12 is proud to announce our student of the week Diva Sharma, a class 12th student of GD Goenka Public School. Diva is extremely passionate towards innovative research, animals, and public speaking. She is a teen activist who loves animals, and took her love for them to the next level when she started working on her Project Petsafe, a novel monitoring mechanism to detect distress in dogs at the age of fifteen. She learned how to combine her love and passion and turn it into action.

You want to know how, let’s find out!

Observation is her biggest strength since early age

Diva was introduced to technology when she was in 8th standard.  Honing her observation skills since a young age, now she considers observation as her biggest forte. She says,” I observed from a young age and tried to recreate existing settings in my mind with a manner consistent with the burgeoning demands of society.” At a very young age, she noticed that computers were extremely helpful to the medical departments of hospitals.

Her visit to the Science Centre in New York and having a look at their amazing projects took a new turn for her fascination towards technology. Diva is inspired by Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat who recreated something extraordinary out of the ordinary.

She raised Rs. 1 lakh in three days for Friendicoes-SECA (Society for Eradication of Cruelty to Animals)

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Diva was one of the first few who stepped up on hearing the sad news about the NGO Freindicoes which was on the verge of shutting down. Diva shared a close personal bond with animals at Friendicoes which inspired her to do something about the shelter’s fund crunch. She started raising funds for the shelter home and approached her friends and school for the same. Diva also started a Facebook page called Project Petsafe, where she invited more people to donate which eventually helped to increase her initiative and she was able to raise Rs.1 lakh in three days with everyone’s support and help.

Dog lovers can now rejoice at her Project Petsafe.

Her Project is called Project Petsafe which is a novel monitoring mechanism to detect distress in dogs using computer codes. It comprises of a multidisciplinary approach towards tackling the aspect of immediate medical requirement of an animal and provides adequate suggestions on how to get to the nearest hospitals and veterinary. She says, “I started this project after my Class 10th Final exams in an effort to engage in STEM and Development in Society. The idea snowballed into a larger apparatus created through programming and basic knowledge.”

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She used to frequently visit animal shelter homes and wondered how veterinarians cater to so many sick dogs suffering from acute diseases at one point. “I had a dog and she saw a very painful death because we could not identify the issue in time. There was no mechanism that could detect her need for medical intervention at an early stage. I was very close to her and this is when I decided to work on a project that can help cater to the immediate medical need of an already sick animal,” she says.  She feels such device systems can be effective for immediate detection when the respiratory or heart palpitations deviate. Her project was showcased at the Initiative of Science and Research Intel IRIS Fair held in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, Confederation of Indian Industry. She was also mentored by a team of IIT Delhi Professors. This animal project alerting system is currently being improvised under the guidance of technical departments of a few multinationals. She hopes to establish it as a final product so that it can be useful for animals.

She gave a talk at the Global Classrooms Event in New York

She is also an enthusiastic speaker for the cause of women in science and technology and she was able to highlight the same at the Global Classrooms Event at the UN Headquarters, New York City where she gave a talk on expanding women’s role in governance and policymaking.


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Her commendable achievements

  • She was the finalist in the Intel IRIS National Science Fair India among over 60,000 project submissions affiliated with the Indian Department of Science and Technology and Confederation of Indian Industry and was titled ‘National Fair Researcher’.
  • She spoke and received commendation at the Global Classrooms Event held in New York City ( topic : women in government, STEM)
  • She received Silver in the National Science Olympiad 2013
  • She was able to showcase her project to the Government of Gujarat and Delhi ( Women Scientist’s Initiative)

What’s next?

She wants to pursue a degree integrating Engineering and Economics so as to broaden her perspective and serve as a resource to society by using an amalgam of business and tech. She hopes to speak more about children and women in STEM and come up with better ideas and launch ‘Science and Animal Welfare’ Initiative in my next academic institution to accentuate the importance of fauna to the ecology. She says, “I am also interested in the field of solar energy and renewable resources and have a very ecological aspect towards science and technology.”

Her views on starting young in technology

She says, “Precocious interests in sciences must be fostered from a young age. The arena of technology is vast and requires extensive knowledge and honed observatory skills that one gets through experience. Demonstrated passion comes with time.” She feels that everyone just have to actively search for ways to be involved, follow through on your commitments, and it helps to be working for an organization or cause that you really care about and love because that keeps you motivated throughout.

Kudos to her spirit! Camp K12 is proud to have her.

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