Student Of The Week

Ahaan Bhosle: An exclusive account of a young entrepreneur.


City: Mumbai

School: Dhirubhai Ambani International School

Portfolio: business website

Camp K-12 proudly announces its student of the week, Ahaan Bhosle, a class 12th student from Dhirubhai Ambani International School who has his own e-commerce portal which sells ‘offbeat books at upbeat prices’.

This young entrepreneur with his innovative idea is generating income without spending a single rupee in his venture. It proves us that if you have a great idea and you believe in it then there is no right or ideal age to start and achieve success. This young child prodigy inspires us and helps us to realize that it’s never too early or too late to pursue your dreams of being a business owner.

Let’s take a look at this ambitious youngster’s story…

His journey with technology began when he was just six years old.

Ahaan found his love and passion for technology at an early age. He says, “We had just bought a new car, and it had an automatic locking system with the remote. On the very first day itself, the remote fell on the ground, and the motherboard got dislodged. Fixing it was easy, but the fact that I managed to fix it at the age of 6 was pretty surprising for my family”. His astonishing agility made his parents enroll him in technology camps, and it was there, he discovered his passion for technology.

Book Lover Point– re-instilling the magic and pleasure of books

His bookstore is a place where readers rejoice in the world of books which they get at reasonable prices.  He decided to combine both real and virtual worlds, and create an online web store where people can buy books of their interest at  highly discounted prices. The website is currently integrated with PayU Money payment gateway, and also has options for Cash on Delivery, Bank Wire Transfer, and card payments.  By the use of well researched SEO techniques, as well as targeted Facebook posts, he has made the reach of his website wide-spread and effective.


Everything begins with an idea….

As rightly said ‘an idea can change your life’. Books has always been one of the most pleasing forms of leisure. But, in recent times, books have become highly expensive and cost-prohibitive. That’s taking away the love for reading. This is something that struck him hard, and hence he came up with the idea of selling second hand books in great condition at affordable prices right at the customer’s doorstep. He says, “In the current generation, the word “book” has been narrowed down from a once cherished getaway delight to a now boring, mostly dull object of disinterest.”

With its wide collection of books, this store should help not only teenagers, but people from all age-groups to take some time off and re-instill the thrill, magic and pleasure of book-a-licious moments.

His top achievements:

  • He bagged first prize in the robotics competition held by Robo.
  • He participated in the Arduino event organized by IIT.
  • He participated in the Shell national quiz and was chosen on merit.

Ahaan has not only taken an avid interest in studies and technology but is also a champ in cricket and has captained a club cricket team.


His future plans:

Along with the expansion of his website, he aims to master mindstorns, learn Arduino, and also participate in IRO.

What he feels about Camp k-12?

He first learned about Camp K-12 when our founder, Mr.Anshul Bhagi  went to Dhirubhai  Ambani International School for a motivational talk. “The variety of multifaceted programs captured my interest”,he says. He agrees with Camp K-12 that there is no right age to indulge in technology, and one should start when one feels compelled and inspired to start the same.

From this young inspiring entrepreneur, we can see that it doesn’t matter how old or how young you are, nor how big or how small your idea is. Entrepreneurship can be achieved by having the will to change the world.
Camp K-12 team wishes him all the success in future.


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