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Challenge yourself to build a 3D game using Roblox. With our Roblox for kids course, you can learn how objects move in 3D spaces and create your virtual world.

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Camp K12’s Unique Roblox for Kids Curriculum

3D Physics + MathematicsCultivate your knowledge about 3D spaces by learning how to perform calculations in the 3D coordinate system with our Roblox coding classes for kids.
Build your own Roblox GameLevel up from a player to a creator of Roblox games for kids. Learn how to code and design your own game and characters.
Learn 'Lua'Learn the fundamentals of Lua, the programming language used by game developers around the world as a part of Roblox coding classes for kids.
Make Your Own CurrencyDesign and develop your own in-game currency in our fantastic Roblox coding classes for kids.
What are Servers?Learn about the fundamentals of servers, and design and play your own Roblox games for kids along with your friends.
3D Game DevelopmentDevelop your understanding of game mechanics such as collision detection by building your own shooting games using Roblox coding for kids.

Build Awesome Roblox Projects!

Ground's Moving?
Grade 1-2
Ground's Moving?Explore a game where the world is spinning in our fun Roblox games for kids
Grade 3-4
Parkour!Want to play parkour in a 3D game? Try it out in our Roblox coding classes for kids
Treasure Hunt
Grade 5-6
Treasure HuntBuild clues and drop hints to create an elaborate Treasure Hunt only in Roblox for kids course
Rush Hour
Grade 7-8
Rush HourWho can collect the most coins? Compete with your friends in our Roblox coding classes for kids
Create a Teleporter
Grade 9-12
Create a TeleporterBuild Roblox games for kids that can teleport you from one part of the world to another.

Learn Roblox coding for kids from tech experts

With 11 years of experience, we know there's no replacement for the best teacher. That's why we recruit the same talent sought by top companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple.

Silicon Valley CreatorsAlumni from Google, Apple, Amazon etc. have created an immersive platform to make Roblox for kids fun!
Top UniversitiesWe recruit top-notch educators to give your child the best Roblox coding for kids education
1% Acceptance RateTop 1% of teachers who have Roblox coding for kids knowledge and skills are selected after rigorous screenings.
Rigorous TrainingTeachers undergo extensive training by MIT / Harvard CS alumni giving your child the best Roblox for kids education!

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Introduction to Roblox for kids

The world of gaming is changing, and Roblox has taken it to the next level by introducing creative opportunities for coding enthusiasts! Roblox is a social gaming platform that allows you to make your own video game using programming language and Roblox software; there are endless possibilities when exploring new levels or worlds!

Children can learn to code as they quickly develop new levels using the Roblox Studio, a program that runs on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Using this tool, kids can manipulate the terrain, place, time, objects, and much more in Roblox.

What can kids learn from Camp K12’s Roblox for kids course?

With Camp K12’s Roblox for kids course, children can learn Lua programming and game design. Roblox coding classes for kids give them exposure to an advanced programming world by opening a world of opportunities and possibilities. Children have the opportunity to explore their imagination through Roblox coding.

Roblox is a great platform for kids to learn and advance their coding skills while having a lot of fun! Children can create games that they can play with their friends and family or even sell on the Roblux marketplace that uses ‘Robux’ as a currency. Your child can charge other players to play the game they have created from scratch. If you're looking for a way to introduce your kids to the world of coding, then our Roblox coding classes for kids are the perfect place to start.

Benefits of Camp K12’s Roblox for kids course

Our Roblox for kids course is not only about learning to code but also about developing creativity, collaboration, and communication skills. Roblox is a great platform for kids to learn these essential life skills and also their technical skills!. The benefits of Roblox for kids course include: -

  • Children learn Lua programming language through game design.
  • Our teachers make coding classes an enjoyable experience and help children become confident about coding.
  • With Roblox Studio, kids can create amazing games, share them with the world and gain a sense of achievement.
  • Camp K12’s Roblox coding for kids course has student-friendly tools and lessons to learn coding, computer science principles, animation, design, and game development.

Why do children love Roblox?

There are multiple reasons why everybody loves Camp K 12’s Roblox coding classes for kids:

  • Children develop new skills: With our state of the art, Roblox coding classes for kids our experts teach Lua programming language through game design. This course helps children develop creative problem-solving skills and learn about logic and sequencing which are essential coding skills! As a part of Camp K12’s Roblox for kids course, children learn how to collaborate with others and communicate their ideas.
  • It gives them freedom: With Roblox for kids, children get immense opportunities to explore and create whatever they love. Kids use their imagination to dress avatars, build houses, and design and develop various games using the Roblox coding for kids. It is a great place to harness their creative potential.
  • Kids build their community: Camp K12’s Roblox coding for kids course provides children with a social environment where they can learn, plan and interact with friends with their peers and coding enthusiasts.
  • It opens up new opportunities: With Roblox for kids there are innumerable opportunities for kids to use their newfound Roblox coding for kids knowledge to create something new. Roblox offers multilateral gaming options like puzzles, sports, and even 3D games which are exciting for kids.

How does Roblox for kids work?

Roblox is very similar to some of the popular games like Minecraft for kids. As a part of Camp K12’s Roblox coding for kids course, children use this platform to create avatars and explore the mesmerizing 3D world; kids get to earn points in the form of virtual currency ‘Robux’ which can be used to buy special goodies, building materials, designer outfits and so on. Our Roblox for kids course focuses on creativity instead of competition and encourages young learners to explore their imagination through Roblox coding. The multiplayer capacity generates curiosity among kids, too. The Lua programming language which is taught in the Roblox coding classes for kids is easier than other languages like Java. Roblox coding for kids is popular because of the user-friendly interface of Roblox Studios which simplifies game development.

What age do Roblox kids cater to?

The flexible content of our Roblox for kids course is such that kids of all ages find it to be intuitive and easy to grasp. However, we recommend that children from the age of 5 onwards take up Roblox coding classes for kids.

What are the top free Roblox games for kids?

Roblox for kids is a popular gaming platform with almost 10 million monthly active players. Roblox games for kids are hugely popular because they can cater to any age group and are not limited to any one particular age. The multilevel feature of the games allows the users to invest the virtual currency and climb higher levels. Some of the most famous Roblox games for kids are mentioned below

  • Adopt Me!: Adopt Me is a role-playing multiplayer game where the basic task is of adopting and caring for pets that can later be traded with other players.
  • Meep City: Meep City is one of the popular Roblox games for kids that shares similarities with other famous games such as Toontown online and Club Penguin. It allows customizing your pets.
  • Work at a Pizza Place: In this Roblox game for kids players fulfil orders at the pizza parlour. The game is well known and liked because of its ability to encourage socializing.
  • Natural Disaster Survival: As the name suggests, this game is about protecting oneself from the natural disasters thrown at them. This is one of the Roblox games for kids that teaches resourcefulness and creative thinking.
  • Royale High: (also called Fairies and Mermaids Winx High School) This game is all about magical powers. It is a role-playing, multiplayer game set in a fantasy school where players dress up like the royal characters and possess supernatural powers.
  • Pet Simulator X: This is one of the popular Roblox games for kids catering to pet collection/ simulation where a player can have more than 950 unique pets in their collection.
  • Murder Mystery 2: This is one of the Roblox games for kids that fall under the category of the ‘mystery’. The task of the player or sheriff is to identify murderer.

Roblox games for kids are popular because the Roblox Studio allows kids to build and develop their environments. Kids start by choosing elements from the studio toolbox but can improve their designs or make them their own through scripting which enhances learning and overall development.

Is Roblox safe for kids? What are the parental controls available in Roblox for kids?

Parents are often worried and ask is Roblox bad for kids? Kids are inquisitive and want to explore every possibility when it comes to the gaming world. However, Roblox is a safe gaming platform. Since Roblox coding for kids has kids as the primary target audience, the company has very strict parental controls and language filters that allow monitoring and viewing of child’s activity. You don’t have to think twice about is Roblox safe for kids because these parental control measures make this gaming platform safe. So if you were wondering is Roblox good for kids then the answer would be a yes.

How do kids find out about Roblox for kids?

Roblox for kids is a quite popular platform with a massive reach not just among children but also adults. Camp K12’s Roblox coding for kids course is a great way for children to find, learn and understand the platform. Online coding classes like our Roblox coding classes for kids unlock your child’s imagination and teach them how to code Roblox games. That’s not all, they will also get a chance to share their game with the world and see how others play it. Roblox is more than just a game, it’s a community where people of all ages can come together and create. And our Roblox coding for kids course is the perfect introduction to this amazing world.

Where can kids take Roblox Coding Classes?

Camp K12’s Roblox coding for kids course offers student-friendly tools and lessons to learn coding, computer science principles, animation, 3D design, and game development. It is a great platform for children who are beginning their coding journey as well as for those who are familiar with coding. As a part of the course, we teach children the following:

  • How to use Roblox Studio and its various features
  • Introduction to the Lua programming language
  • Logical reasoning and problem-solving skills
  • Designing characters, environments, and objects
  • Creating animations and working with sound effects and so much more!

The goal of Camp K12’s Roblox coding for kids course is to keep children enthused and excited about coding. The emphasis is on fostering a positive and encouraging atmosphere in which children learn about various aspects of technology and coding

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a fun, immersive experience for all ages. You can meet new friends while playing games and having adventures in this 3D world with others from around the globe! On Roblox for kids gaming platform the majority of the content is created by game creators. This is a great platform for children to create and publish games using simple tools and the knowledge of coding. Roblox has some of the most popular games that can be played with the option of peer sharing.

Is Roblox coding easy to learn?

Roblox coding classes for kids make it quite easy for kids to learn coding from a young age. Camp K12’s Roblox for kids course is a great way for children to learn developing games and coding. With our Roblox coding for kids course, kids can learn at a much faster pace and have access to the best teachers. The quality of tutoring, projects, and examples that the child has access to plays a vital role in a child’s journey of learning how to code. Instead of boxing up the naturally creative flow that kids possess, our Roblox for kids classes teaches them how to code with relatable examples and fun projects which are shareable, thus leading to a sense of achievement. We encourage kids to learn coding as a means to innovate and create rather than fulfil a job position in the future.

What is a good age to start coding?

Roblox coding for kids can be taken up at any age as there are no age-specific barriers when it comes to learning to code. Usually, children above the age of 5 are considered the ideal age who can take up the task of learning to code quite easily.

What will be taught in the Roblox course?

As a part of the Roblox coding for kids course, students will be introduced to different aspects of programming and game development. This course will cover the demanding skills like logical thinking, systems thinking, 3D coordinate systems and many more. Kids will start Roblox coding classes for kids as a beginner and complete the course as a complete pro.

How can kids learn Roblox Coding?

Roblox Coding for kids is comparatively easier than other coding programming for kids as the simple tools provided by the Roblox Studios are the key to easy game development. Enrolling in Camp K12’s Roblox coding classes for kids is the best way to help your child begin their coding journey.

What is the course structure of learning Roblox for kids?

Camp K12’s Roblox for kids program is easy and is also the best way to learn. You can schedule 1:1 online classes with personalized instructors where your child can get queries answered and learn new things at their own pace. Our teachers share daily class notes, weekly progress reports, feedback and personalized guidance to make the learning experience smooth.

Is Roblox for kids a completely online course?

Yes, Roblox for kids is a completely online course developed by Camp K12 in a way to showcase the overall progress of the child with regular feedback provided both to parents and children.

What is the duration of the Roblox course for kids?

Roblox uses the programming language Lua which can take a few week to learn. All our courses are self-paced. When you enrol in Camp K12’s Roblox for kid course, you can progress from basics to the advanced levels over a period of a year.

Does Roblox offer an option of peer sharing?

Roblox for kids provides an option of peer sharing where you can play games that you have developed or the other game with your friends and family. This is one of the most liked features of this gaming platform as it encourages social sharing.

At what age can a child learn Roblox coding?

Roblox coding classes for kids are flexible when it comes to age as there are no strict age barriers. However, we recommend that kids of above 5 years take up Roblox coding classes for kids.

How can parents monitor kids’ activity on Roblox?

Roblox for kids is a platform that follows a strict privacy policy due to the involvement of children. Many times parents have questions like is Roblox for kids or is Roblox safe for kids? The answer is yes since there are adequate parental controls that are available. Some of the ways through which parents can monitor their child’s activity, when logged in to Roblox for kids are as follows:
  • The chats history
  • Messaging details
  • Transactions details
  • Recently played games
  • Game creations

What other courses are offered by Camp K12?

Camp K12 is invested in your child’s learning journey and we offer a range of courses that will translate into future-ready skills. These include Python coding for kids course, Creative writing course, Minecraft coding for kids and many others! We also have a fabulous magazine for kids which allows children to explore interesting topics and learn new things.

Will my child receive certification?

Yes! After our demo Roblox coding lesson, children receive a certificate of participation. On enrolling for any of our paid courses, children will receive certificates as they complete different parts of the curriculum.

Do you offer a free demo for Roblox coding for kids classes?

Yes, we offer a free demo as we want you to be confident when you are signing up with us. Please book a free class by registering here.

Can I get a refund if I am not happy with the classes?

Yes, you can cancel the Roblox coding for kids course, at any time and we will give you a refund for the remaining/unattended Roblox coding classes for kids on a pro-rata basis.
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