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Enhance your command of the English language and speak with confidence and fluency with our public speaking classes.

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5-17 yrsAge Group
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Camp K12’s Unique Public Speaking Course

Debate and MUNLearn to be a pro debater, and gain knowledge and confidence to present yourself to a large audience with public speaking classes.
Vlogging and PodcastGain the correct tools to share your experiences with the world through vlogging and podcasts by mastering the art of public speaking.
TV JournalismOpen new horizons and dive deep into the world of journalism and become a confident reporter with our public speaking courses.
YouTubePresent your content on a platform with a global reach and improve your communication and social skills with our public speaking courses.
Drama and TheatreOvercome stage fright, embrace audiences and improve self-confidence and social skills with drama and theatre.
TED talksInspire people with powerful speeches and gain the confidence to present your ideas and views to the world with public speaking classes.

Meet our Public Speakers

IskanderGrade 5Saudi Arabia
Elyas HafizGrade 3Dubai, UAE
Amy LaishramGrade 5India
Akshaya KrishnaswamyGrade 6Mumbai, India
Kaden PothanGrade 5India

Learn from top experts, around the globe

With 11 years of experience, we know there's no replacement for the best teacher. That's why we recruit and train the best teachers sought by top universities across the globe

Top UniversitiesWe recruit top-notch educators to give your child the best public speaking for kids’ education.
1% Acceptance RateTop 1% of teachers who have public speaking for kids knowledge and skills are selected after rigorous screenings.
Rigorous TrainingTeachers undergo extensive training by MIT / Harvard CS alumni giving your child the best public speaking for kids education!
Real Reviews from Real Parents
Amit Mishra
Samayra’s dad, Grade 8
“Samayra wasn’t very confident earlier but now she’s become a lot more confident while speaking and writing. She looked forward to all exciting projects that were assigned by Camp K12 teachers. I highly recommend this course to other parents and students.”
Abhishek Sharma
Vaishnavi’s dad, Grade 8
“This course has definitely created a change in her. I can see her communication and creative skills improve. Vaishnavi wrote stories and practiced storytelling and she’s also more confident in presenting in school gatherings now.”
Ramapriya’s dad, Grade 7
“Ramapriya’s vocabulary was poor before she joined the English Communication class at Camp K12. Now she has learnt so many new words and her confidence while presenting has improved a lot. She loves her teacher and friends at Camp K12 and never misses a class!”

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What is public speaking?

Public speaking is the art of speaking in front of an audience, usually to deliver a message or presentation. Public speaking for kids helps develop confidence and communication skills at an early age. Public speaking courses for kids can help teach them how to become more comfortable in different situations and express their point of view articulately.

Public speaking can help kids win over an audience, motivate people, and give them the freedom to express themselves freely. Good communication and public speaking skills are essential for children. However, no matter the setting, public speaking can be a daunting task.

That is why children must begin Camp K12’s public speaking courses from a young age. The art of public speaking helps achieve high levels of self-confidence and leadership skills if learned at an early age. It is a great way to build a foundation for success in the future.

What is taught in the Camp K12’s public speaking for kids course? What will children learn?

Camp K12’s public speaking course ensures the holistic development of your child. Our comprehensive public speaking classes will take children through different types of public speaking settings. On getting accustomed to these settings, children are taught the key difference between different scenarios and how they can use their skills to present their ideas effectively. As children progress through the public speaking course, they learn to express themselves and present their valuable ideas to the audience.

The primary focus of our course goes beyond public speaking for kids and extends to other areas like active listening, active reading, vocabulary improvement, spelling, grammar, and writing. Our teachers encourage discussions, interactive sessions, and fun-based learning methods like projects, activities, and much more. After the one on one lesson with your child, our teachers are proactive in providing regular feedback to parents to help ensure that they can track the progress of their child at the right intervals. They are also available to answer any doubts and give recommendations for additional practice at home.

Camp K12 public speaking course overview

Camp K12 is an online school that teaches 21st-century skills to children. Our public speaking course helps children master the art of public speaking. Public speaking skills can be inculcated from a young age for the best results. We recommend that the right age to introduce your child to the art of public speaking is when they are in grades 2-8 or are 6-12 years old. Enrolling kids in a public speaking course helps them overcome their fear and anxiety and they grow into confident adults. Along with this, public speaking always remains a crucial skill that becomes handy in every phase of life. Starting early is essential for kids to learn better and become confident about their speaking skills.

Key highlights of the public speaking course

  • Practice and Interactive Lessons: During the one on one public speaking classes, our expert teachers ensure that the classes are highly interactive. They use project-based learning which includes quizzes, extempore and group discussions to keep children engaged. Children are also taught vlogging, TV journalism and theatre to help them understand the different forms and platforms that can be used for public speaking. All these activities help your child understand different settings. The practice material provided to all the children enables them to use their learnings even beyond our course.
  • Personality Development: Camp K12’s public speaking courses cater to cohesive and wholesome growth in the personality of your child.
  • Vocabulary and Grammar: The curriculum of the public speaking course teaches vocabulary, grammar, spelling, writing, and listening skills along with spoken English skills.
  • Boosting Confidence: Our public speaking courses not only focus on your child’s public speaking skills and writing skills but also their overall personality development. It helps boost your child’s creativity, critical thinking skills, and confidence. Skills like improved power of persuasion help kids better their academic performance. Some of the features that make us the best public speaking course are one on one sessions, project-based learning, activities beyond class, games and worksheets, evaluation, and progress.
  • Communication and Social skills: Students are given practical tips to improve their spoken English as a part of the public speaking course. They are introduced to new concepts and vocabulary and they also learn effective communication skills which in turn helps them in a variety of social settings.
  • Future-ready Skills: Camp K12’s public speaking courses go beyond teaching children communication skills. It also helps them improve their research, reading, and writing skills. Children with strong communication skills are better learners and do better in school overall. They can understand concepts clearly, think critically, and communicate their ideas effectively. Later in life, adults with strong communication skills are more likely to get leadership positions and advance further in their careers. Public speaking is one skill set that remains with you for life. No matter the childhood or adulthood, it is required in every phase of life ranging from school presentations to significant job interviews.

What will the students get out of the course?

Camp K12’s public speaking courses are designed to bring the best out of children. These public speaking classes will help your child in multiple ways such:

  • Learning new vocabulary
  • A better grasp of grammar concepts
  • Improving the power of persuasion
  • Good communication skills
  • Engaging social behavior
  • Higher level of self-confidence

Camp K12’s public speaking for kids curriculum is designed to be enriching and engaging for your child.

Why is it important to develop the skill of public speaking?

Public speaking skills are one of the most crucial skill sets that are useful throughout one’s life irrespective of the age of an individual. Ranging from your child’s daily life to school, good communication skills have become a necessity in the modern world.

Here are 10 reasons why is it important to develop the art of public speaking:

  • To express oneself better: Good public speaking skills help children to articulate their thoughts, ideas, and opinions fluently and with confidence.
  • Power of persuasion: Public speaking ingrains confidence in children and helps them be the best version of themselves. This paves the way to being more articulate which is key to being confident and expressive. Confidence makes children persuasive speakers.
  • Improved academic performance: There is a direct connection between academics and public speaking. It has been observed that kids who speak confidently always perform better in class. It aids kids in presentation skills, communication skills, listening skills, critical thinking skills, and much more.
  • Overcome inhibitions: Children often get nervous and experience self-doubt and anxiety when they are exposed to unfamiliar situations. Public speaking skills help kids to shed these impediments and become excellent orators.
  • Fun and enjoyable experience: Public speaking can be extremely fun and enjoyable if the right platform is provided to children. When children are in a comfortable environment, they open up and enjoy sharing their ideas with others.
  • Aids in thinking better: Public speaking makes children think on their feet. They have to be quick, clear and concise with their words which in turn develops excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Creates awareness: Public speaking also creates awareness among children about current affairs and social issues. When children research on different topics for their debates and speeches, they get a better understanding of different issues which helps them with their critical thinking skills. This is one of the most important benefits of public speaking for kids. Public speaking creates better citizens for tomorrow.
  • Helps make friends and social connections: Public speaking is a great way for children to socialize and make friends. When they participate in different competitions and events, they meet new people and get to know them better. This also helps in developing networking skills which are extremely important in today's world.
  • Develops leadership skills: Public speaking is one of the best ways to develop leadership skills. It inculcates confidence and self-belief in children which are two essential qualities of a leader. Public speaking also helps in developing communication, teamwork, and negotiation skills.
  • Improved research skills: Public speaking also helps in developing research skills. When children have to speak on a particular topic, they have to do extensive research which helps them develop unique perspectives. Research skills are extremely important in academics as well as in professional life.

Mastering the art of public speaking: What are the best public speaking tips for kids?

Kids are great learners as they grasp concepts easily with enthusiasm and determination. Starting early is one of the effective ways of turning your kids into good communicators. Here are some of the best public speaking tips that can help you guide your child to become an excellent speaker:

  • Start at an early age: The concept of public speaking should be introduced at an early age as this enhances a child’s cognitive power and helps them learn better. Initially, you can begin by reading out stories and poems to your kids and at a later stage, you can encourage them to share their own versions and be expressive.
  • Provide gentle yet constructive feedback: You can begin by choosing any random and easy topics for your kids and ask them to prepare a two-minute speech on the same. Provide corrective feedback on how to breathe while speaking, the importance of eye contact, and other tips to help them improve their body language.
  • Instill confidence in your child: Confidence is the primary factor when it comes to public speaking. There are numerous ways through which you can build your child’s confidence. Start by appreciating their speeches and stories and give constructive feedback when required. This is one of the best public speaking tips.
  • Record the practice sessions: Recording practice sessions can be a great way to improve the public speaking skills of your child. Let them judge their speeches and take notes on areas of improvement.
  • Enroll your child in online public speaking courses: Online public speaking classes by Camp K12, combine the above tips with a structured curriculum designed by experts in the field of public speaking. Our classes are suitable for kids of all ages and levels. Our experienced instructors will help your child build the confidence they need to excel in public speaking using mediums such as Youtube, drama, TV journalism, Model UN debates and much more!

You can assist your child in their public speaking journey by being their cheerleader at home and enrolling them in public speaking classes by Camp K12 to ensure that they get expert guidance and help.

Useful tips to practice public speaking at home

Public speaking is easy to learn once your child begins. Along with Camp K12’s public speaking classes, you can encourage your child to practice at home. Our teachers assign homework and share valuable insights on how your child can improve. Here are some tips by our experts to practice public speaking at home:

  • Ask your child to speak in front of a mirror and speak a few times every week. This helps your child develop fluency in their speech and also helps improve their body language.
  • Encourage them to participate in public speaking, extempore and debates locally or at school.
  • Give them topics that interest them and ask them to give a short presentation on key facts.
  • Ask them to write speeches before delivering them to help them gather their thoughts and present them more effectively.

Continuous practice will result in improved public speaking for kids as they will overcome fear. The more your child practices public speaking, the better they will get at it.

Signs that your child needs public speaking classes.

Some signs that will tell you that your child needs public speaking classes. These are:

  • Reticent Behavior
  • Shy to converse with people
  • Apprehensive to learn new things
  • Uncomfortable with how people might judge their speaking abilities.
  • Anxious about stage performance

Public speaking helps to get rid of all these impediments that might hinder your child’s growth. Public speaking classes from the right age help a child to be more confident.

How does a public speaking course empower kids? Key benefits of public speaking

Our public speaking courses are constructed in a manner so that kids can grow and learn with a holistic approach. It empowers kids by opening up new worlds of imagination and instilling confidence. Some key benefits of public speaking for kids are:

  • Building a star personality
  • It helps to overcome fear and anxiety
  • Leads to emotional and social development
  • Provides a vibrant exposure to different audiences

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child learn in the public speaking course at Camp K12?

Our public speaking course will take your child through various types of public speaking settings, understanding the difference between them and the different ways your child can present their ideas in those settings. Our public speaking classes teach kids to be confident and eloquent communicators. Throughout our public speaking for kids course, children will learn different mediums and styles of communication through fun and interactive topics such as-
  • Vlogging and podcasts
  • Ted Talks
  • Debates and MUN
  • Drama and Theatre

Are Camp K12’s public speaking classes available online?

Yes, our public speaking classes are conducted live, by real teachers, in an online format. To access classes your child will need a laptop or a mobile phone with a stable internet connection. The online course will cater to all the needs of your child’s holistic development from spoken English to writing, spelling, listening, and reading skills.

What age groups are the public speaking courses for?

Our public speaking courses are designed to cater to Grades 1-12 i.e. kids aged 5-17 years. Starting early is an important aspect of being a good communicator. Kids are great at learning from a young age so enrolling them early in public speaking courses will turn them into excellent orators.

Is this course suitable for non-native speakers?

Yes, our public speaking classes are suitable for non-native speakers as they will improve your child’s overall command of the English language including grammar, listening, speaking, spelling, writing, and more. English is the language that is most widely used for both local and official purposes so public speaking courses are always helpful.

Does your public speaking course follow a national curriculum?

Our public speaking courses are meant to supplement, not replace, English programs in school or homeschool curricula. The goal of public speaking is to enhance your child’s overall communication skills while giving them more space to explore their creative side.

How is this public speaking course different from learning English in school?

Our class structure allows us to give each child personal attention and real-time feedback that helps them to stay motivated and learn faster. Our course includes exciting projects that your child will love and won’t find anywhere else.

What is the duration of the online public speaking course?

Public speaking classes are available in three plans namely Proficient for 3 months, Mastery for 6 months, and Prodigy for 12 months depending on your convenience.

Will my kid be provided with a certificate on completion of the course?

Yes, we do provide a certificate on successful completion of the public speaking course. Certificates also help to boost the confidence of children with what they have achieved during the duration of the course.

Do your classes have trained public speaking experts?

Yes, our courses are taught by the best-trained teachers and experts.

Will the feedback about the progress of my child be provided to me during the course?

Yes, real-time feedback is provided by the teachers to keep a track of your child’s progress with public speaking skills. Parent-Teacher meetings and showcases are also part of the public speaking course after completion of each module.

What other courses are offered by Camp K12?

Camp K12 is invested in your child’s learning journey and we offer a range of courses that will translate into future-ready skills. These include Python coding for kids course, Creative writing course, Minecraft coding for kids, Roblox for kids course and many others! We also have a fabulous magazine for kids which allows children to explore interesting topics and learn new things.

Do you offer a free demo for public speaking for kids classes?

Yes, a free public speaking trial class is available before the beginning of the course. Trial classes allow you to give a glimpse of some of our teaching methods like project-based learning, learning through fun activities, interactive classroom sessions, and much more. We want you to be confident when you are signing up with us. Please book a free class by registering here.

Can I get a refund if I am not happy with the classes?

Yes, you can cancel the public speaking classes, at any time and we will give you a refund for the remaining/unattended public speaking courses on a pro-rata basis.
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