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Broaden your imagination, develop creative writing skills and stand out as a master writer and communicator with our creative writing courses.

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Camp K12’s unique creative writing curriculum

Script WritingChildren will go from enjoying and watching movies to learning how to write them as a part of our creative writing course.
Story WritingKids will understand the fundamentals of story writing. They will build characters, and settings and have fun with our creative writing topics.
Book ReviewsCreative writing for kids will help develop critical thinking abilities. Children will understand and analyze books and share their thoughts and opinions.
Blog WritingCreative writing exercises will help your child express their, thoughts, and opinions. They will learn techniques of relatable and effective blog writing.
Poetry WritingYour child will explore the beautiful world of poetry, learn about types of poems, and go on to write their own.
JournalismCreative writing will help children develop critical thinking, analytical writing skills and increase awareness of different topics.

Meet our Published Authors

Arwaa Mukadam
Arwaa Mukadam
Grade 5
Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Sashrik Chauhan
Sashrik Chauhan
Grade 5
Hong Kong
Ishanvi Jain
Ishanvi Jain
Grade 6
West Bengal, India
Ananya Pol
Ananya Pol
Grade 5
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nevaeha Palkar
Nevaeha Palkar
Grade 5
Mumbai, India

Learn creative writing from the best teachers around the globe

With 11 years of experience, we know there's no replacement for the best teacher. That's why we recruit and train the best teachers sought by top universities across the globe

Top UniversitiesWe recruit expert educators to give your child the best creative writing for kids’ education.
1% Acceptance RateTop 1% of teachers who have excellent creative writing knowledge and skills are selected after rigorous screenings.
Rigorous TrainingTeachers undergo extensive training by MIT / Harvard CS alumni giving your child the best creative writing education!
Real Reviews from Real Parents
Amit Mishra
Samayra's dad, Grade 8
Samayra wasn't very confident earlier but now she's become a lot more confident while speaking and writing. She looked forward to all exciting projects that were assigned by Camp K12 teachers. I highly recommend this course to other parents and students.
Abhishek Sharma
Vaishnavi's dad, Grade 8
This course has definitely created a change in her. I can see her communication and creative skills improve. Vaishnavi wrote stories and practiced storytelling and she's also more confident in presenting in school gatherings now.
Ramapriya's dad, Grade 7
Ramapriya's vocabulary was poor before she joined the English Communication class at Camp K12. Now she has learnt so many new words and her confidence while presenting has improved a lot. She loves her teacher and friends at Camp K12 and never misses a class!

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Introduction to creative writing for kids

Creative writing is a form of artistic expression that tells stories with feelings and emotions which are sometimes blended with facts. Creative writing can take many forms, including fiction, poetry, drama, and creative non-fiction. Creative writing for kids can be rewarding because it allows them to express themselves in a unique way. It helps children explore their imagination, hone their writing skills and stand out as effective communicators and skilled writers. When youngsters push themselves to think and write creatively, they develop problem-solving abilities, confidence, and discipline, all of which are necessary for success in all areas of life.

Why is creative writing an important skill for children?

Camp K12's creative writing curriculum is designed to bring out a student's creativity by helping them explore the depths of their imagination while grounding it in critical writing skills that are necessary for modern education. Creative writing helps children develop their imaginations, build confidence, and improve their communication skills. Here are some reasons why creative writing is an important skill for children:

  • Widens Thought Process: Creative writing classes help children learn how to think outside the box. Through creative writing, children are able to explore different worlds and create their own stories. Kids also learn to think and question certain notions analytically. It helps open new horizons of thought. Using creative learning lessons, kids actively seek new methods of identifying, assessing, and confronting problems by utilizing their imagination to come up with plots, alternate solutions, and organize their thoughts and ideas.
  • Sparks Imagination: Creative writing enhances the imaginative power in kids. It teaches them to develop characters, stories, and settings, and then bring them all together in a logical order. Creative writing is a fantastic way for youngsters to become imaginative thinkers.
  • Improves Analytical Power and Problem-Solving Skills: Children who learn creative writing can easily solve problems by analyzing and finding solutions. Writing creatively allows students to take it a step further by igniting a drive to learn more about something new to add depth to their story, correct facts, or make it more credible.
  • Better Communication Skills: Communication skills are enhanced with creative writing courses as it gives voice to children to express their opinions. Children learn to express themselves clearly and concisely through creative writing. This is critical in any school setting, but it is more critical in the upper grades, where verbal communication skills are more strongly emphasized.
  • Builds confidence: Creative writing for kids helps to boost confidence in children as they learn to write and voice their thoughts cohesively. Children who write creatively gain confidence in their communication abilities.

How to start creative writing as a beginner?

Parents should strive to inculcate the habit of creative writing in kids at an early age so that they master the art as they grow up. There are multiple ways through which you can build the creative writing habit in your kids as a beginner. Here are 5 ways you can help your child begin their creative writing journey:

  • Inculcate Reading Habit: Enthusiastic readers make terrific writers. When a youngster reads, he or she is introduced to new words and learns how and in what context they are used. They can correctly employ the new words in their creative writing once they have them in their vocabulary.
  • Develop a Writing Environment: The environment in which your kids write plays a significant role in building the habit of creative writing. It should give them positive vibes and make them feel relaxed. Create a small space in your home with a writing table and your child’s favourite books to create a great writing ambience.
  • Creative Writing Prompts for Practice: Writing prompts will help your child enhance their creative writing skills by guiding them to write about new topics every day. These creative writing prompts help initiate new thoughts and ideas.
  • Introduce Kids to Diary Writing: When children are just beginning their creative writing journey, diary writing can be very useful. Asking your child to write about the best and not so good parts of their day on a daily basis is the best method to encourage creative writing for kids.
  • Enrol Your Child in Online Creative Writing Classes: Enroll your child in Camp K12’s online creative writing classes to help them explore and broaden their horizons. It will help them to master the art of creative writing using different techniques, tools, and a variety of topics.

What are the tips to develop creative writing skills in your child?

Your child's ability to write well is critical to his or her future success. Writing well can aid your child's academic and career success. Creative writing for kids can be a valuable therapeutic outlet for your child, allowing them to explore new worlds and convey feelings. You can help your child enhance their creative writing skills by encouraging originality, playing word games, and providing challenges like creative writing prompts.

Here are 8 different ways through which you can develop a love for writing in your child:

  • Provide your child with appropriate creative writing materials like notebooks, pens, a dictionary and books to instil an interest in creative writing.
  • Focus on their creativity rather than grammar and other technical details in the initial stages. The more they write, the better they will get.
  • Reward them for achieving milestones when it comes to creative writing.
  • Encourage them to read regularly.
  • Provide them with worksheets and other practise material like different creative writing topics.
  • Enrol them in Camp K12’s creative writing course.
  • Be enthusiastic and always patiently listen to your kid’s ideas.
  • Play fun vocabulary games like Scrabble and others with your child.

What is the right age for kids to learn creative writing?

Creative writing should be started at an early age. Kids in the age group of 6-7 years can be enrolled in creative writing classes. Here are 5 reasons why you should encourage the habit of creative writing in your kids at an early age:

  • Kids are enthusiastic and quick learners. Creative writing is a great way for them to express themselves freely.
  • They grasp new things easily without much academic pressure.
  • Creative writing helps them to be confident adults.
  • Creative writing encourages children to read and helps spark their imagination.
  • Creative writing courses lead to overall academic improvement.

Are creative writing classes available online?

Camp K12 is an online school that teaches 21st-century skills to children including creative writing. Our creative writing classes are easily available online and provide a wide scope of learning for kids. These creative writing for kids classes are equipped with trained teachers who teach kids starting from grade 2 using innovative and engaging techniques. Some of the features and benefits of Camp K12’s online creative writing classes are:

  • Parents can keep a daily record of their child's progress.
  • Camp K12's creative writing courses are designed with the latest curriculum that uses innovative techniques to encourage learning in a fun environment.
  • Teachers give one on one attention to children and guide them to be their best.
  • Children can learn creative writing from the comfort of their home.

How does creative writing benefit children?

Creative writing for kids leads to wholesome development in children as it not only improves their writing and communication skills but also improves their academic performance. Here are 5 different benefits of creative writing for kids.

  • Develop interesting perspectives: When children write creatively, they expand their imagination by creating new worlds, circumstances, and characters. Creative Writing classes help them to be better adapted to finding alternate solutions to difficulties. Creative Writing enables them to look at challenges from new perspectives as they stimulate their brain to think outside the box.
  • It develops empathy in your child: When children write about different characters, they work to construct personalities, emotions, and world views that are distinct from their own. Creative writing exercises develop your kid’s empathic skills and help them to get insight into the perspectives of individuals who don't share their life experiences.
  • Instils Critical Thinking: Creating structures in creative writing allows them to organize their thoughts and emotions into a logical procedure.
  • Social and Memory Skills: Creative writing classes can help children learn about collaboration by publishing their creative work. It can help them later in life to work on group initiatives or even start their businesses. It improves memory and social skills in the long run.
  • Wider career options: Creative writing is a versatile field that provides multilateral career options like journalism, research, scriptwriting, blog writing, and much more.

Do creative writing prompts help to write better? What are some writing prompts I can use for my child?

Creative writing prompts assist children in swiftly entering the storytelling mindset. Some creative writing prompts to get your kids started are:

  • Ask them to write letters to family and friends.
  • Write the summary of any newspaper article of their choice.
  • Write a review of their favourite restaurant or movie.
  • Interview family members and friends and write their stories.
  • Take a favourite book or movie character and write a new story about their life
  • Describe an image in the 5 to 6 lines.
  • Write a short play of 3 to 5 minutes.

How is a creative writing class conducted online? What is included in the duration of the course?

Creative writing classes are conducted online in the form of live classes. Camp K12’s experts teach concepts from the basic to the advanced levels in creative writing courses. Study materials like worksheets and writing prompts are provided to students.

Our creative writing course teaches kids to be confident and eloquent communicators. Through the creative writing for kids course, students learn about different mediums and styles of communication through fun and interactive topics, such as writing an autobiography, story writing, blog writing, script writing and others.

What are the common creative writing exercises that help in improving creative writing skills?

To promote and enhance creative writing in your child, try the following games, activities, and creative writing exercises:

  • Vocabulary challenge
  • Dialogue writing
  • Writing letters
  • Writing funny poems
  • Caption contest
  • Word games

These are some of the stimulating ways to nudge your child into creative writing, yet have fun so that it doesn’t get weary. There's substantial evidence to show that children are at the top of their creativity while they are young. They are more likely to establish friends, think outside the box, and express their opinions when they learn to write creatively.

How does the process of regular feedback on my child’s progress work?

Parents will be provided with regular feedback through parent-teacher meetings and the progress reports of their child. Camp K12’s online creative writing for kids course is designed in a way to provide the maximum benefits to your child and feedback is an integral part of the process.

What are the prospects of creative writing?

Creative writing for kids course allows students to improve their writing skills and hone their command of the English language. Students of this course go through a rigorous learning process that taps into their creativity and imagination. Towards the end of the creative writing course, students bring together all their skills to publish their own books, launch their own Youtube channel and do so much more. In the long run, creative writing is a useful life skill that will help them both in academics and their future careers.

Does creative writing help to boost confidence?

Camp K12’s creative writing course will not only focus on your child’s speaking and writing skills but also their overall personality development. Creative writing for kids will help boost your child’s creativity and critical thinking skills. Creative writing definitely helps boost confidence as it allows kids to express themselves freely and without any inhibitions. It also helps them build their self-esteem as they see their own progress and improvement with each piece they write.

Does creative writing improve grammar and vocabulary?

Yes, creative writing helps to improve grammar and vocabulary. Reading is an important component of creative writing. Once your child reads different books and stories, he/she explores new words and witnesses varied writing styles. This curiosity to learn something new helps them to improve their grammar and vocabulary in the given course of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Camp K12’s creative writing classes online?

Yes, we conduct live, online classes. In order to participate in our class, your child will need access to a laptop or mobile phone, with a stable internet connection.

Is creative writing helpful for children?

Yes, creative writing is helpful for kids as it leads to the overall development of a child. Creative writing classes are beneficial in multiple ways as they help to enhance confidence, improve communication skills, help with academic performance, increases multitasking skill, and results in better retention capacities.
Some of the ways in which creative writing can be helpful for kids are:
  • It enables them to think openly
  • It paves way for other writing activities like journalism, autobiography writing, blog writing, etc.
  • It instils confidence in children.
  • It makes them not only good writers but also excellent orators.

What is the duration of the entire creative writing course for kids?

The duration of the creative writing courses varies from 6 months to 24 months depending on your course preference. The minimum course is of 6 months duration named ‘Proficient’ which teaches the basics of creative writing, the 12-month course in creative writing named ‘Mastery’ is a blend of advanced and basics, and the 24 months long course named ‘Prodigy’ teaches your child creative writing at the advanced levels.

What will my child learn in the creative writing course at Camp K12?

Students are introduced to different modes of storytelling and learn about the fundamentals of each genre. Students learn about the art of storytelling, descriptive writing and fundamental grammatical skills that help improve their writing skills.
Students throughout the creative learning classes learn about the art of storytelling, descriptive writing, and fundamental grammatical skills that help improve their writing skills.
Our creative writing course teaches kids to be confident and eloquent communicators. Through the course, students learn about different mediums and styles of communication through fun and interactive topics, such as writing an autobiography, story writing, blog writing and script writing.

What is the right platform for online creative writing for kids?

Camp K12 is an online school that teaches 21st-century skills to children including creative writing classes. Our curriculum focuses on the holistic growth of children not just in communication skills but also in the art of creative writing. The course is for beginners, starting from Grade 2 and extending to the advanced levels of Grade 9.
Some of the reasons why online creative writing classes are important for kids are:
  • A significant improvement in writing quality
  • Increased engagement with writing, for longer periods
  • Better planning, organization, and ideas
  • Enhanced ability to reflect and self-evaluate
  • Increased confidence to work with others

Will you provide my child with the practice material?

Yes, the practice material will be provided to the child to practise creative writing in the form of worksheets and class activities such as story writing, scriptwriting, blog writing, and much more.
During the creative writing classes teachers use interactive and project-based learning which includes prompt writing, letter writing, word games, and so on to reinforce learning.

For how many hours daily is the creative writing class conducted?

Each creative writing class is conducted for one hour to enhance your child’s creative writing skills. In this duration, your child will learn the art of creative writing through advanced and innovative methods of learning.

What will the students get out of the course?

This creative writing course allows students to improve their writing skills and hone their command of the English language. Students go through a learning process that taps into their creativity and imagination as they learn to write better.

Do you offer a free demo for creative writing classes?

Yes, a free creative writing trial class is available. Trial classes allow you to give a glimpse of some of our teaching methods like project-based learning, learning through fun activities, interactive classroom sessions, and much more. We want you to be confident when you are signing up with us. Please book a free class by registering here.

Can I get a refund if I am not happy with the classes?

Yes, you can cancel the creative writing classes at any time and we will give you a refund for the remaining/unattended creative writing classes on a pro-rata basis

What other courses are offered by Camp K12?

Camp K12 is invested in your child’s learning journey and we offer a range of courses that will translate into future-ready skills. These include Python coding for kids course, public speaking courseMinecraft coding for kids, Roblox for kids course and many others! We also have a fabulous parenting magazine  with interesting articles and useful resources.
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