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Create your own 3D worlds and games as you learn the fundamentals of coding and logic. Minecraft for kids sparks creativity, curiosity, and empowers children to use their imagination.

5-17 yrsAge Group
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Camp K12’s unique Minecraft coding for kids curriculum

3D Physics + MathematicsLearn coordinate systems and calculations in 3D space with Minecraft coding for kids! Build your child’s spatial intelligence and more.
Build your own Minecraft worldEmpower children to progress from players to creators. With Minecraft coding, kids can explore the infinite potential of coding and design their own Minecraft world.
AR/VR Mobile AppBring your creativity to life! With Minecraft coding for kids publish projects as Augmented Reality apps and learn to code while having fun.
Hatch XRCode, and publish Minecraft games for kids with 3D / Virtual Reality editor Hatch XR , the perfect platform to learn the basics of 3D game design.
Fundamentals of CodingComprehend coding concepts like variables, functions, conditionals, and many others with JavaScript, the first step in Minecraft coding for kids.
3D Game DevelopmentDesign and build Minecraft games for kids such as platformers, shooting etc. and develop concepts like collision detection with 3D game development.

Build awesome projects with Minecraft for kids

Candy collection
Grade 1-2
Candy collectionCollect candy and avoid poison in an open world game.
3D Mario Game
Grade 3-4
3D Mario GamePlay a 3D version of the famous Mario game
Drone Flyer
Grade 5-6
Drone Flyer Fly a drone in the Minecraft environment.
Pokemon Catcher
Grade 7-8
Pokemon CatcherCatch pokemon in the Minecraft environment
UFO Shooter
Grade 9-12
UFO ShooterKill UFO ships in the Minecraft environment

Learn Minecraft coding for kids from tech experts

With 11 years of experience, we know there's no replacement for the best teacher. That's why we recruit the same talent sought by top companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple.

Silicon Valley CreatorsAlumni from Google, Apple, Amazon etc. have created an immersive platform to make Minecraft coding for kids fun!
Top UniversitiesWe recruit top-notch educators to give your child the best Minecraft coding for kids education.
1% Acceptance RateTop 1% of teachers who have the Minecraft for kids knowledge and skills are selected after rigorous screenings.
Rigorous TrainingTeachers undergo extensive training by MIT / Harvard CS alumni giving your child the best Minecraft for kids education!

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What exactly is Minecraft? What does Minecraft coding mean?

Minecraft coding for kids allows for exploration and creative expression which stimulates critical thinking skills. The focus on building in this program reinforces STEM concepts as well as reasoning and logic. All these capabilities are developed in children while they play through their adventures! Minecraft games for kids is one of the best-selling independently developed and published video games. Its open-ended style allows you to build anything your imagination desires. Minecraft for kids provides endless opportunities for creativity. No two gameplay experiences are alike. The block style of characters and their kid-friendly graphics make this platform intuitive and easy to use. It doesn't come with instructions though; children must explore the Minecraft world by experimenting at first. And this is where Camp K12 helps them in their learning journey. Our thoughtfully designed curriculum and our expert instructors make learning to code fun and engaging for kids. They will learn to code by building mods, automating farms, designing mini-games, and much more.

There are two different modes in Minecraft - Creative Mode, which gives players complete freedom to build what they want; and Survival Mode which gives them access to limited resources and teaches kids real-time problem-solving. Both these modes are a great way for kids to learn about planning, designing, and execution.

In the Creative Mode of Minecraft games for kids, children can explore their imagination and build anything they want! They can also experiment with the game's mechanics and learn how to use the various blocks to create their unique structures. On the other hand, the Survival Mode of Minecraft games for kids requires players to mine for resources and use them wisely to survive the various dangers of the Minecraft world. This mode also teaches children how to be resourceful and how to manage their inventory efficiently.

With Camp K12’s curriculum, you can use Minecraft to teach children programming concepts! By writing simple code, children can create mods that change the game's mechanics or automate certain tasks. They can also design mini-games that they can play with their friends. Coding in Minecraft is a great way to stimulate a child's creativity and problem-solving skills.

At Camp K12, we believe that every child has the potential to be a great coder! Our team of expert instructors will guide your child to live up to their true potential using Minecraft games for kids.

Minecraft’s popularity: Why do kids love it?

Kids love Minecraft as it allows them to build with a variety of blocks in a 3D world. Minecraft for kids is popular because it helps them learn about cooperation, problem-solving and also unlocks their individuality. Your child can imagine and code a unique 3D world on Minecraft while learning the fundamentals of coding logic through fun interactive sessions. If you find yourself asking is Minecraft good for kids? The answer is a resounding yes!

How can your child learn how to code in Minecraft with the help of Camp K12?

With a curriculum that is based on the latest research and features innovative tutorials, at Camp K12 you can be sure your child will learn everything they need to know in an immersive digital environment. Camp K12's enriching Minecraft coding for kids curriculum uses the fun and creativity of Minecraft in the classroom to teach kids about math, STEM, logic, problem-solving skills and also how they can think outside the box. We recruit the most talented and passionate teachers from top universities across the globe for our Minecraft for kids sessions. Our curriculum is designed to keep children at the center of learning. Our Minecraft coding curriculum is highly interactive, engaging and encourages creativity as well as self-expression.

What will children learn with Camp K12’s Minecraft coding for kids program?

As a part of Camp K12’s Minecraft for kids program, your child will:

  • Learn the basics of coding with drag and drop blocks
  • Use their imagination to create their own 3D world in Minecraft for kids
  • Build houses, castles, bridges, and more using new concepts
  • Create custom Minecraft games for kids and share them with friends
  • Have loads of fun exploring the virtual world of Minecraft for kids

When is the best time to learn coding with Minecraft?

Children as young as 5 will greatly benefit from starting to code with Minecraft games for kids with the help of Camp K12. It is never too early to start learning the basics of Minecraft coding for kids! At Camp K12, we are on a mission to make quality coding education accessible to every child across the globe. Our innovative and personalized approach towards Minecraft for kids ensures that children learn best by doing. With our experienced instructors, flexible learning hours, 1-on-1 mentorship, and creative curriculum, your child will be able to learn at their own pace and have fun while doing it!

Is Minecraft safe for kids?

Yes, Minecraft is safe for kids. Minecraft for kids is a great way for them to learn about digital citizenship, ownership of personal information and communicating with others. Always make sure that your child only plays on servers they control or trust so you can remind them not to share any sensitive data like email addresses and other sensitive information when playing together in-game! If you are still asking yourself is Minecraft safe for kids, then another idea is to use this game as an opportunity to spend quality time and get better acquainted with the virtual world along with your child in the initial days.

Minecraft course for kids

3D environments and characters await children in our curated course designed by renowned experts! Your child will learn how to create breathtaking 3D worlds using graphic art, as well as the most user-friendly coding language. Using coding fundamentals, logic, creativity and problem solving, students will construct a 3D world simulation and also build games in that environment with Minecraft coding for kids.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or VR is a computer technology that creates a 3 dimensional or 3D environment that is immersive and simulated. Unlike traditional interfaces, VR places the user inside the virtual environment to give an in-depth experience. You can move around in it and interact with things like you would in the real world. Standard virtual reality systems use either virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments to generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a user's physical presence in a virtual environment. Virtual reality gives people the ability to go places all across this world and outer space, from the South Pole to the moon! It's being used in schools and as a part of the Minecraft for kids curriculum by Camp K12 so teachers can enrich lesson plans and make studying more interesting for children.

What will students get from Minecraft coding for kids course?

Virtual reality is an amazing technology that brings the virtual world into our own. It's so much fun for kids to be able to interact with objects and situations in this new environment, which they wouldn't normally get a chance at seeing first-hand if it weren’t on screen! Through our Minecraft for kids curriculum, children can learn how to create their realistic characters, objects and implement interactive features! This simulates not only their imagination but also helps them learn coding better. Virtual Reality is also a great way to get children interested in STEM. At Camp K12, we use virtual reality extensively as a part of our Minecraft coding for kids curriculum.

What is taught in the Minecraft for kids courses?

In our Minecraft coding for kids course, the children will learn how to design their own interactive virtual three-dimensional worlds and various applications that can be implemented on our very own designing-coding platform called Hatch Kids. They will create countless projects ranging from basic skill set levels all the way up to advanced VR technology with help from world-class instructors! These activities are not only fun but they are also great for testing out new concepts in an easily digestible format - making them ideal learning tools whether your kids want a quick lesson or a more complex knowledge base work. On completing their Minecraft coding for kids course, these projects can be shared with family and friends and can also be viewed and played on a virtual reality device!

Why is Minecraft an excellent way for kids to learn how to code?

If you find yourself asking is Minecraft good for kids, then the answer is yes! It is an excellent way for kids to learn how to code because:

  • Coding in Minecraft encourages creativity.
  • Learning to code in Minecraft is a fascinating experience.
  • Learning to code helps children understand the logic behind how games work.
  • Coding for Minecraft gives children a lot of creative control over the game. They can design and build their own Minecraft world.
  • Minecraft helps children develop problem-solving skills.
  • Minecraft for kids is a great way to teach them the basics of coding and computer science. Our Minecraft coding for kids curriculum is designed by education experts and Minecraft enthusiasts to make sure your child has a great time while they are learning.
  • If your child is interested in exploring a career working with computers, video games or other programming-relating fields, Camp K12’s Minecraft coding for kids course can offer a great introduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minecraft? Is Minecraft for kids?

Minecraft is a procedurally generated 3D world with virtually infinite terrain and features to discover and extract raw materials, craft tools and items, and build structures, earthworks and simple machines. It is an open-world sandbox game that allows children to create and build amazing things from the simplest homes to the grandest castles. Children can play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode with limited resources. Minecraft for kids is made up of simple 1x1 block structures. It's easy to translate these into a programming language with only 0’s and 1' s, which dictate what the program does on your computer or phone! If you were wondering is Minecraft for kids? You can rest assured that it is a great way for kids to learn to code.

What will be taught in the Minecraft course?

In this Minecraft coding for kids course, students will construct a 3D world simulation and also build games in that environment all while learning coding fundamentals and logic!

What is online coding for kids?

Kids have access to technology like never before. Instead of being mere consumers, online Minecraft coding for kids classes can help them create programs of their own and explore different possibilities in STEM. Our Minecraft coding for kids curriculum can help them think and encourage exploring new avenues for their creativity. Coding can also help kids learn more about logical and analytical thinking and improve their cognitive capabilities. Our Minecraft for kids classes are engaging and make use of games, music, animation, storytelling, and more.

Is Minecraft coding easy to learn?

Coding is not difficult to learn. Children as young as 5 years old have been known to develop software. However, the quality of tutoring, projects, and examples that the child has access to plays a vital role in a child’s journey of learning how to code. Instead of boxing up the naturally creative flow that kids possess, our Minecraft coding for kids classes teach them how to code with relatable examples and fun projects which are shareable, thus leading to a sense of achievement. We encourage kids to learn coding as a means to innovate and create rather than fulfil a job position in the future.

What is a good age to start coding?

We believe that the best time to start coding is between the ages of 7-12. When kids start learning coding at a young age, they pick up the skills faster and it helps instil a sense of confidence. Many parents ask if is Minecraft safe for kids, especially young children. Minecraft for kids is suitable for all ages. Young kids can easily learn concepts through practical examples and tasks which are a part of our Minecraft for kids curriculum. But they need to be familiar with the examples that you use to teach them how to code. Our Minecraft coding classes for kids aim to teach fundamental programming concepts through simple projects that involve music, arts, games, storytelling, and more. We encourage kids to create their projects and pursue coding as a creative mechanism to solve problems.

Do you offer a free demo for Minecraft coding for kids' classes?

Yes, we offer a free demo as we want you to be confident when you are signing up with us. Please book a free class by registering here.

What are the advantages of Minecraft for kids? is Minecraft good for kids?

Camp K12 offers an exclusive Minecraft coding for kids curriculum that helps them understand the basics of coding while they are playing Minecraft. The curriculum is designed by education experts and Minecraft enthusiasts to make sure your child has a great time while they are learning. Minecraft is definitely good for kids!

What programming language is used in Minecraft?

Minecraft coding for kids uses HatchXR, a unique software designed by Camp K12.

What is Minecraft's Hour of Code?

Minecraft’s Hour of Code was created to show people that computer science is something that anyone can learn and to get more people interested in the field. Minecraft’s hour of code helps one learn the basics of coding.

Why is Minecraft used to teach coding to kids?

Minecraft is a great way for kids to learn how to code because it's an open-world game with 3D graphics and coding opportunities. It is intuitive, easy to learn for beginners and is an engaging way to help your child begin their coding journey.

Is there any educational value in Minecraft?

Coding is a highly applicable skill that helps creativity, logic and problem-solving. With the basics of coding being so useful for children's futures, Camp K12’s extensive curriculum allows children to gain step by step knowledge. Minecraft is a great way to get kids interested in coding and STEM topics. Parents often use it as an opportunity for their children to pick up a new skill which gives them a creative outlet. There is definitely a lot of educational value in Minecraft. It can be used to learn math, STEM and many other skills!

Will learning to code in Minecraft for Kids be difficult?

With Camp K12’s curriculum, Minecraft for kids is super fun and not at all difficult. You can read reviews from students and parents who love our Minecraft for kids course.

Will my child receive certification?

Yes! After our demo Minecraft coding lesson, children receive a certificate of participation. On enrolling for any of our paid courses, children will receive certificates as they complete different parts of the curriculum.

What other courses are offered by Camp K12?

Camp K12 is invested in your child’s learning journey and we offer a range of courses that will translate into future-ready skills. These include Python coding for kids course, Creative writing course, Roblox for kids course and many others! We also have a fabulous magazine for kids which allows children to explore interesting topics and learn new things.

Can I get a refund if I am not happy with my classes?

Our Minecraft coding for kids classes are flexible. You can cancel your course at any time and we will give you a refund for the remaining/unattended classes on a pro-rata basis.
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