Space Invader

Sword Play

Mole Mash

Ice Hockey

Taylor Swift Photo edited by Camper

Iron Man

Holi Greeting Card ( NMS)

Happy campers @ Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai

Happy Campers With Instructors at DPS International

Camp K12 at Google Gurgaon

Campers Coding

Prize Ceremony at Adobe Headquarters (Noida)

Hardworking Campers

Camper Flying a Drone

Camper presenting at Parent’s Showcase

Campers at Neerja Modi School

“Armageddon” Space Shooter

Target Practice with Tanks

Eat Plankton, Avoid Sharks

Avoid the Cows (car game)

Shoot the Bad, Save the Good

The Fruit Collector game

Mario-themed game

Tank vs. Evil Birds

Campers performing a dance

Foosball during Break Time

Happy Campers with their Instructor

Campers enjoying a break

Campers Visit Google Office in Bangalore


Presenting at Parent Showcase

Campers showing their games to parents

Paper Prototype for Android Game

Group learning session

Making Android games

Campers in Bangalore (Mallya Aditi)

Campers at American Embassy School

Fun at American Embassy School

Campers from DPS International

Campers at DPS Greater Noida

Campers at Cathedral (Bombay)

Happy Campers

No Stopping (car game)

Hungry Bird

Spongebob, eat the burgers!

Avoid the Newspaper!

Air Hockey

Milky Way

Aliens (shooting game)

Zog (shooting game)

Taxi (Car Game)

Brick Breaker

Penguin Flinger