Targeted and Custom-made

We pride ourselves in our flexibility to adapt to each school’s needs and therefore design exclusive courses for our partner schools in a variety of topics and formats (weekends, after-school, or vacation camps). We offer multiple levels of courses within each Learning Path (e.g. Android, Web Development, Design, see full list below), empowering our campers to achieve true excellence in a subject area.

Tested Around the World

The course curriculum and teaching approach we use at Camp K12 are a product of careful thought and abundant testing. Our Founder, a Computer Science grad from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) developed the curriculum while he was a student at MIT, and then refined the curriculum by successfully implementing it at schools and universities in Italy, Brazil, Kenya,  China, and the United States.

Hands-on to the Extreme

We want to inspire do-ers, not talk-ers, and we do this in two ways: we make learning fun, and we take our campers through the process of building things again and again, and then again, until it becomes muscle memory. Students work on daily projects right from day one, as well as a final project which they present to their fellow campers, families, and school faculty at the end of the course.

Choose from over 10 Learning Paths

Each Learning Path offers 3 to 6 courses students can take to achieve Mastery in the given area

Our specific courses vary from school to school. If you need course details, please contact us.

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