You won’t get it girl, its technology!

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In most Indian homes, girls are pushed to adapt to typical hobbies like dancing, singing, sewing or cooking. And in many others, pursuing these is also a taboo. While the girls have already proved their mantle at the Rio Olympics 2016, there is still much progress to be made.

Accelerating the growth of Digital India, we believe in providing technological/technical empowerment to the young, at an age, when they are impressionable, passionate, and curious about technology. But, how can we boast of providing such empowerment if we ignore a vital section of our India’s mighty population i.e. women? Does a nation become empowered when a handful of its people have the skill, opportunity and authority or does it become truly empowered when the entire population is able to compete in tandem? Well, these are some fundamental questions that we posed to ourselves before we set out on this journey and now, we are thankful that we thought about them!

We broke a stereotype, and we are proud of it.

Just last week, we wrapped up our camps at an all-girls boarding school in Jaipur! It was a wonderful sight as these young girls presented their unique projects on the last day of the camp in front of their teachers and parents. We, ourselves, were overwhelmed with the remarkable ideas they had, on the way they plan to utilise their knowledge about building mobile applications and websites. They often remind us of the young Hermione Granger of the Harry Potter series. The way she knew how and exactly when to use each spell was an example of unparalleled wits. Well, that was mere fiction!
We observed such wits live, when these girls at our camps experimented around their new found treasure – ‘the ability to create’. The best reactions surfaced at their first encounter with technology, when they realised that, like spells, they could cast their imaginations into codes and algorithms. Software would work just like a magic wand and make everything an effective reality with just a RUN command. The sparkle in their eyes was of true amazement and our dues had been paid.

Camp K12 today, is engineering tomorrow’s inventors and innovators. And for these students to be a class apart, they need to be inclusive of every section of the diverse nation that we are blessed to belong to.

By the way, just last week someone I was conversing with, said to me “It’s technical stuff, you won’t get it” and it turned out that I was his trainer for that App Development program!

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