How to make your child’s screen time productive

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Screen time

A growing concern between parents these days is the amount of time their children spend glued to screens, be it television, computers or phones. Studies show that a child’s average screen time has risen dramatically in the last 20 years. Children spend an average of six hours a day in front of a screen compared to around three hours in 1995.

The key is, while as parents you may cave into their demands for screen time, you can also use that time as a tool to expand their learning. Wondering how? Integrating engaging activities into screen time can successfully help enhance creativity and help them develop problem-solving skills too. And it’s pretty simple to do!

Learning can be fun!

Learning through screen time doesn’t have to be limited to educational apps and games. Applications centered on drilling physics theories and math problems aren’t the only ways to foster learning, the aim is to get your child to think & create and not just passively learn, as it is not always effective.

A simple substitution of those distracting games with mystery solving games or puzzles can make a world of a difference. Make sure when your child is playing; they aren’t simply following a predetermined path but are using logical/critical thinking to make their own path.

Screen times and family time

Family screen time

Playing games, watching television together can not only be great for family time but also can be used to encourage the child to think more. Asking your child questions and engaging them in conversations regarding what you’ll watch together can be highly beneficial.

Creating Vs Consuming

Encourage your child to become an active creator instead of being a passive consumer of technology. Rather than telling them to stop playing games or deter them from watching videos, why not encourage them to invest that time into creating that same content they enjoy so much.

Constantly playing games? Why not get them to understand what goes into making one for themselves and giving it a go!

Always watching videos? How about asking them to create a visual of their favourites scene or give a try at making & editing a video themselves.

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