Can school students build their own Cryptocurrency?

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School students Blockchain

School students working on the blockchain? Building their own cryptocurrency? Too young you think?

Well let’s change that perception for you! Better still, let 10 school students do that instead. In just a span of three days, not only did these school students representing NITI Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission build their own cryptocurrencies but they also built blockchain applications on top of Ethereum during a first of its kind Blockchain workshop conducted by Camp K12 at IIT Delhi.

Still have your doubts? Let’s hear what these students had to say about their experiences and what they did.

Camp K12 recently conducted a hands-on workshop on Blockchain App Development & Cryptocurrency at IIT Delhi. Students from Atal Innovation Mission were invited to apply for a special scholarship being awarded to bright school students, giving them the opportunity to attend the workshop free of cost. Over a period of just a few days, we received over hundreds of applications from keen students, showcasing their prior works and demonstrating their enthusiasm for attending a workshop on the field of Blockchain.

While these students were experienced in coding and app development, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency was completely new to them. They had a basic theoretical understanding on the subject, but didn’t have any practical experience.

I just a span of 3 days these students learnt and understood the underlying technology behind Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and how it works. They learnt and hosted a private Blockchain, made Cryptocurrencies using Ethereum and even exchanged it. The students coded their own smart contracts using Solidity (contract-oriented programming language) for the Blockchain which they published on their own virtual machine.

The ultimate learning for the students was the realisation of the versatility of Blockchain and it’s various applications. These students entered the workshop knowing very little about Blockchain and thinking it was the same as Cryptocurrency. But the weekend was an eye opener where they learnt more about the Blockchain, worked & coded on it and understood the multitude of applications of it.

Let’s have a look at a few of the videos created by the students who attended the workshop:

Video created by Kashish (winner of our social media competition from the workshop)

Video created by Anika (runner up of our social media competition from the workshop)


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