On creativity: advice from a 22-year old

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As a 14-year old, I prided myself in being able to create beautiful cards, which I would gift to special people in my life. But somewhere down the line, I lost that part of me. Moreover, I struggle to keep the poet in me alive.
I am 22 years old. And when I look back, I feel that something really significant was missing from the curriculum that was taught to us. I was an A-grader back in school and being creative never counted. The number of hours you spent in the art room or the music room never mattered. At the end of the day, you had to ‘perform’.

And I lived up to what was expected of me. I performed and I did really well… It’s been 4 years since I graduated from an urban Indian city school, and these 4 years were enough to make me introspect. I could finally recognise the important part missing from the curriculum.

Channelizing: Giving direction to our energies, our thoughts, our ideas.

If someone had taught the 14-year old me how to channelize creativity and preserve it, I wouldn’t have just listened! Rather, I would have acted upon it. I wouldn’t have waited all this while, looking for an answer and holding onto loose sand slipping through my fingers. It was my imagination that was fading away. If someone had told me that through usage of creative technology, I could forever hold on to the title of being an ‘innovative mind’, I would have grabbed the opportunity.

Creative intelligence is not a talent that only the ‘special ones’ are gifted with; it is a universal skill that some people sharpen while others allow to dull. Every young one is brimming with ideas and imaginations that go far and wide. Some are fortunate enough to recognize a white canvas and paint their own masterpiece on it, while others wait for the finished work that they admire from afar.
Creativity is not something that remains confined to certain disciplines like art, music and design. There is an enriching sense of freedom in creativity. Even mistakes are beautiful. Ironically, you acquire the fundamentals of life while exploring a world with no rules. It pushes you towards constant self-improvement. You become insightful and intuitive. And if these are too fancy words to relate to, chances are that you haven’t given your creative side a chance.

I, a 22-year old today, who is scuffling to gather the tits and bits left of her creativity, is advising YOU to take control.
8 years ago, no one told me what Photoshop was. So, I never came to know… No one told me I could be talented enough to build a website of my own. So, I never did. And I did not know that my mathematical and logical skills could be handy in developing my own Android application, launch my own website, publish my own games.

No one told me but I am telling you. Start when you still have time. Start Young.
What are you waiting for?

Act, when you still have time.

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