The 3 Day Startup Bootcamp

By General  | July 10, 2015 One Comment

21 middle and high school students from 7 different schools in Bangalore came together and in just 3 days, built Android apps and companies of their own during Camp K12’s “3-Day Startup” event.

The students came from disparate backgrounds — government schools, public schools, international schools. Some spoke English, others only spoke Hindi, Tamil, or Kannada, yet they proved that regardless of language and socioeconomic status, one can build organizations or create products to solve real-world problems.

The students tackled difficult issues like Sanitation / Hygiene, Education, Health / Disability, and Safety. Day 1 was dedicated to Brainstorming, and Prototyping; Day 2 to Android App Development; Day 3 to business plan creation and investor pitches.

Check out the ideas they pitched and the Android apps they built.

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